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3 Common Problems Impacted Canines Cause, Anchorage, Alaska
While it’s common for oral surgeons to treat impacted wisdom teeth that don’t have room to grow, other teeth, like the canines, also suffer from this issue. When impacted, a tooth fails to erupt naturally from the gum line and into ...read more
What Is Oral Pathology? , Anchorage, Alaska
Oral pathology is the practice of examining patients to detect and diagnose oral health problems. If you’re experiencing health concerns affecting your teeth, gums, tongue, or any other area of your mouth, an oral pathologist can perform...read more
Anchorage County, AK Oral Surgeons Businesses
 Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska, LLC, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Dental Implants, Oral Surgeons, Anchorage, Alaska
111 W 16th Ave, #203
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 561-1430
Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska, LLC in Anchorage offers a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, including dental implants and teeth extractions. Surgeons Dr. William F. Bergeron, Jr. and Dr. Ray Holloway are committed...
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5 Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed, Anchorage, Alaska
Routine oral hygiene is an essential part of overall health, and wisdom teeth extraction is often part of this. While not every patient will need to have their wisdom teeth taken out...read more
Oral Surgeon Explains the Importance of a Confident Smile, Anchorage, Alaska
A white, beaming smile can have a profound impact on yourself and others. It conveys self-confidence that can help you build and maintain relationships. It’s important to care for yo...read more
How to Perform an Oral Cancer Self Examination, Anchorage, Alaska
Oral surgeons don’t just handle serious operations like wisdom teeth removal or jaw surgery. They also remove cancerous tissues in the face and neck areas. As with any cancer, early-...read more
What Are Dental Implants? , Anchorage, Alaska
Tooth loss is a common problem that impacts many people. However, with the advent of dental implants, that void in your smile can become a thing of the past—permanently. Here is a br...read more
A Complete Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal, Anchorage, Alaska
Wisdom teeth removal is a dental treatment many people will undergo, and while it may seem intimidating, the procedure is actually very simple. The staff at Oral Surgery Associates o...read more
5 Issues Impacted Teeth Cause, Anchorage, Alaska
Impacted wisdom teeth are molars that do not have enough room to develop or emerge normally. Since impaction can lead to a variety of dental health complications, these teeth usually...read more
How Your Dental Team Can Help Detect & Treat Oral Cancer, Anchorage, Alaska
A visit to the dentist is about more than routine dental care. In fact, dentists, hygienists, and oral surgeons can also help you detect and potentially treat oral cancers, which can...read more
A Local Oral Surgeon Explains Impacted Canines, Anchorage, Alaska
Located on either side of the incisors on the front of the mouth, canine teeth primarily serve the purpose of tearing through foods when eating. In the event they fail to develo...read more
The 5 Most Common Reasons for Teeth Extractions, Anchorage, Alaska
If your oral surgeon recommends a teeth extraction, one or more of your pearly whites need pulling. There are a variety of reasons for this type of procedure, including disease ...read more
Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Which Is Right for You?, Anchorage, Alaska
If you have missing teeth, you’re probably weighing your treatment options. In most cases, people can choose from dental implants or dentures, each of which offers benefits depending...read more
A Simple Guide to the History of Sedation Dentistry, Anchorage, Alaska
Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is crucial for every individual. That being said, even patients with excellent oral care routines may get anxious when it’s time to visit the ...read more
Oral Surgeons Share 3 Common Causes of Facial Trauma, Anchorage, Alaska
Sustaining facial trauma is devastating. Even when the injuries are not life-threatening, they can pose serious complications if left untreated, They may also alter your appearance t...read more
When Should You See an Oral Surgeon? , Anchorage, Alaska
When oral health problems arise, a general dentist may seem like the best professional for the job. But if you are suffering from more than a standard toothache, you may need the hel...read more
How Do Oral Surgeons Utilize CT Scans?, Anchorage, Alaska
You may be familiar with doctors using computed tomography, known as CT scans, to identify medical problems, but did you know oral surgeons use similar technology? In Anchorage, ...read more
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