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What to Expect After an Oral Cancer Diagnosis, Anchorage, Alaska
An oral cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. As you undergo oral surgery and other procedures, it’s important to take steps to prioritize your emotional and physical health. Fortunately, oral cancer patients have access to both health c...read more
What Should I Know About Wisdom Teeth?, Anchorage, Alaska
Most people have heard about a family member or friend needing wisdom teeth removal. The reasons for the procedure, however, may be less clear. The guide below explains how wisdom teeth affect your health, as well as why an ora...read more
Anchorage County, AK Oral Surgeons Businesses
 Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska, LLC, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Dental Implants, Oral Surgeons, Anchorage, Alaska
111 W 16th Ave, #203
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 561-1430
Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska, LLC in Anchorage offers a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, including dental implants and teeth extractions. Surgeons Dr. William F. Bergeron, Jr. and Dr. Ray Holloway are committed...
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5 Treatment Options for Oral Cancer , Anchorage, Alaska
Nearly 8,000 Americans die every year due to oral cancer, according to estimates from the National Institutes of Health. But while there may be a high number of fatalities related to...read more
5 Tips for Dental Implant Recovery  , Anchorage, Alaska
If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants are durable, natural-looking solutions that can permanently restore your smile. However, in order to gain these long-term benef...read more
5 Sedation Dentistry Options to Limit Pain & Promote Relaxation, Anchorage, Alaska
The human mouth is full of many sensitive nerves and tissues, particularly within the teeth and gums. Usually, these nerves will alert you to a potential dental problem that requires...read more
5 Ways to Address Wisdom Tooth Pain , Anchorage, Alaska
Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that erupt in the back corners of the mouth in young adulthood. While some may have no trouble with these molars, many will find that the teeth...read more
6 Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal, Anchorage, Alaska
After wisdom teeth removal you must rest, refrain from activities such as smoking and drinking through a straw, and change the gauze over the affected socket. A fast and relatively p...read more
4 Reasons You May Need Jaw Surgery, Anchorage, Alaska
Jaw surgery helps align the jawbone and better support the health and wellness of one's jaw, teeth, and gums. Some people may not understand the purpose of this procedure or what con...read more
3 Instances Your Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed, Anchorage, Alaska
Although wisdom teeth removal used to be a routine procedure to prevent problems like infections, modern research has shown that this third set of molars can actually stay in pl...read more
What Halloween Candy Is Best for Your Child’s Teeth?, Anchorage, Alaska
Not only is Halloween in October, but this month is also National Dental Hygiene Month. The holiday is loved by children and adults alike for the sweet treats it brings, but all...read more
3 Ways a Facial Trauma Specialist Can Help You, Anchorage, Alaska
When sustaining an injury to the face, your whole life can be turned upside down. Not only could you experience functional difficulties or life-threatening injuries, but there i...read more
How Should You Care for Dental Implants?, Anchorage, Alaska
Designed to replace missing teeth, dental implants can help restore the look and function of your smile for a lifetime. But while these prosthetics are artificial, they still need to...read more
What Is Bone Grafting?, Anchorage, Alaska
A bone graft is a surgical procedure in which bits of bone from one part of your body are transplanted to repair damaged bones elsewhere. This procedure is commonly incorporated into...read more
3 Common Problems Impacted Canines Cause, Anchorage, Alaska
While it’s common for oral surgeons to treat impacted wisdom teeth that don’t have room to grow, other teeth, like the canines, also suffer from this issue. When impacted, a too...read more
What Is Oral Pathology? , Anchorage, Alaska
Oral pathology is the practice of examining patients to detect and diagnose oral health problems. If you’re experiencing health concerns affecting your teeth, gums, tongue, or any ot...read more
5 Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed, Anchorage, Alaska
Routine oral hygiene is an essential part of overall health, and wisdom teeth extraction is often part of this. While not every patient will need to have their wisdom teeth taken out...read more
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