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5 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy From a Hartford Gynecologist, Hartford, Connecticut
One of the biggest milestones in a woman's life is the time when she's pregnant. With more than 25 years of experience in the central Connecticut area, Women’s Health Care Associates is dedicated to improving women's health before, ...read more
3 Ways to Improve Your Health: Hartford's Gynecologists Share, Hartford, Connecticut
Everyone knows that men and women are inherently different, but when it comes to physical differences, the variations don’t stop at body contours or physical stature. Because men and women’s bodies are designed to do different things, wo...read more
East Hartford, CT Obgyn Businesses
Women's Health Care Associates PC, Women's Health Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Obgyn, Hartford, Connecticut
21 Woodland Street, Suite 323
Hartford, CT 06105
Oftentimes, the most important medical professional in a woman’s life is her gynecologist. If you’re looking for the best in obstetrics and gynecological care, look no further than Women’s Health Care Associates in Connecticut. This heal...
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Combat Menopause Symptoms: Treat Vaginal Dryness & Painful Sex, Hartford, Connecticut
As we age, our bodies change. This is particularly the case it comes to menopause, when women experience hot flashes, insomnia, and hair loss. But nothing is more irritating than vag...read more
What You Need to Know About Osteoporosis, Hartford, Connecticut
Researchers and doctors alike view osteoporosis as a public health concern, but its prevalence ultimately depends on how you define it. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundat...read more
Women's Health 101: How to Get Pregnant by Tracking Your Cycle, Hartford, Connecticut
When it comes to getting pregnant, timing is everything. Use your menstrual cycle to determine the best time for the egg and sperm to meet by learning how to track your most fertile ...read more
How to Prepare for Your First Ultrasound, Hartford, Connecticut
An ultrasound is perhaps the one prenatal test moms-to-be actually look forward to because it allows them to see their developing baby. If you’re expecting or trying to conceive, the...read more
What Your Irregular Periods Might Mean: Hartford’s Women’s Health Experts Explain, Hartford, Connecticut
After puberty, a woman’s menstrual cycle becomes part of life. However, not every woman of childbearing age has a consistent monthly period. An irregular period might indicate someth...read more
How to Tell When You'll Experience Menopause, Hartford, Connecticut
Going through menopause is different for every woman, but if you know the symptoms and signs of menopause, the transition can be easier. In fact, according to the health ca...read more
5 Tips for Treating Symptoms of a UTI From Women's Health Experts, Hartford, Connecticut
Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. They occur when bacteria infect your urethra and can make you feel like you need to urinate all...read more
Hartford Gynecologist Discusses 4 Signs It’s Time for an STD Test, Hartford, Connecticut
Learning you have an STD may be scary, but it’s even scarier to simply ignore symptoms and avoid visiting the gynecologist because you don’t want to undergo testing. Many sexually tr...read more
How to Give Yourself an at-Home Breast Exam, Hartford, Connecticut
Breast cancer is the most common cancer that impacts women’s health. Women over the age of 40 should get professional breast exams once a year to make sure they are cancer-free. The ...read more
Vaginal Dryness Caused by Menopause Clinical Research Study Enrolling Today, Hartford, Connecticut
A new clinical research study is investigating a once-daily oral medication in women with vaginal dryness caused by menopause. You may be eligible if you are a woman: Between 40 a...read more
Local Hartford Clinic Outlines What to Expect During a Gynecological Exam, Hartford, Connecticut
The first time you see a gynecologist, it can be a bit frightening as sexual and reproduction organs are personal, which is why many women find the process awkward. Women’s Heal...read more
How to Select the Best Birth Control Plan From Hartford's Best Gynecologists, Hartford, Connecticut
Choosing a birth control method isn’t easy. There are a host of options out there, and there’s no right answer for everyone. At Women’s Health Care Associates in Hart...read more
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