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3 Signs You Should Eat Healthier, Lexington, North Carolina
Diet plays a significant role in your health, and as you age, you put yourself at risk of developing a number of problematic medical complications like diabetes. Sometimes, it’s not always obvious that you’re eating poorly. You need to more
5 Common Questions About Vasectomies Answered, Lexington, North Carolina
A vasectomy is a simple medical procedure in which the tubes that transport sperm are surgically blocked so the patient is unable to father children. While it is the most effective form of male contraception, the vasectomy is a commonly more
Davidson, NC Family Doctors Businesses
Lexington Family Physicians, Doctors, Dermatology, Family Doctors, Lexington, North Carolina
102 W Medical Park Dr
Lexington, NC 27292
(336) 249-3329
Every member of your family deserves high-quality medical care. Whether you or a loved one is due for a routine physical exam, surgery, or needs help managing cholesterol levels, the team of experienced physicians from Lexington Family P...
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When to Seek Mental Health Treatment for a Child, Lexington, North Carolina
Of the 74.5 million children in the United States, approximately 17.1 million have or have had depression or another mental health issue. Clearly, mental illness is not highly more
Depression Vs. Bipolar Disorder, Lexington, North Carolina
If you’re experiencing problems with your mood, including unshakable lows or rapid swings between happiness and sadness, you may be experiencing a mental illness such as more
5 Health Problems You Should Never Ignore, Lexington, North Carolina
Not every cold or stubbed toe needs the care of a physician, but there are certain signs that shouldn’t be ignored. While they don’t always stem from a serious medical condition, more
A Brief Guide to Preventive Health Care, Lexington, North Carolina
Millions of Americans die each year from chronic diseases, many of which are preventable. From routine physical exams to immunizations, preventive care is an area of more
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Family Doctor, Lexington, North Carolina
Your family doctor is the center of your health care team, which is why it’s essential to find one that meets all your needs. Every family member requires specific care, and over more
A Patient's Guide to Seasonal Depression, Lexington, North Carolina
As winter approaches and the days get shorter, you might start feeling a bit down. While a cold-weather slump is normal, some people experience more than just the winter blues. This more
How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Immune System?, Lexington, North Carolina
Many people feel as though they visit their physicians more frequently for colds and viruses in the winter than in any other season. Indeed, seasonal illnesses have been around more
3 Reasons to Get a Flu Shot From Your Physician, Lexington, North Carolina
While the flu is generally mild for many people, it does lead to hospitalizations, and in some cases, can be fatal. You will experience a variety of benefits when you receive a flu more
What Kinds of Risks Do Chronic Ear Infections Pose for Children?, Lexington, North Carolina
It’s relatively common for young children to develop occasional ear infections, and in most cases, treating them is simple. Unless the infection is caused by a virus, more
3 Kinds of Cardio That Are Safe for People With Heart Conditions, Lexington, North Carolina
It’s natural for heart health to decline with age. Even if you develop a heart condition, though, you can still exercise well into your golden years. In fact, getting in some gentle more
Everything You Need to Know About Annual Physical Exams, Lexington, North Carolina
If you haven’t had your annual physical exam, now is an excellent time to make an appointment. Even if you are feeling well or don't get sick often, yearly checkups are more
Top 5 Foods That Lower Cholesterol, Lexington, North Carolina
High cholesterol affects millions of Americans and contributes to decreased heart health—including increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Fortunately, there are many more
3 Benefits of Dietary Counseling From Lexington Family Physicians, Lexington, North Carolina
What you eat correlates directly with how you feel and your general wellness. With this in mind, Lexington Family Physicians, based in the heart of Lexington, NC, considers dietary more
How to Prepare Your Teen for Her First Gynecology Appointment, Lexington, North Carolina
Gynecology appointments provide your daughter with the examinations and information she needs to maintain her reproductive health. But visiting the gynecologist for the first time more
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