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Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy & How It Can Help You, Anchorage, Alaska
Alternative medicine offers patients safe, effective, and natural ways to boost their overall health. Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy is one alternative treatment that’s seen a comeback in recent years as more people more
How Can You Get Nutrients if Your Body Doesn’t Absorb Them Well?, Anchorage, Alaska
Poor nutrient absorption is a medical issue that affects many different populations. Also referred to as malabsorption, the condition can be caused by intestinal disorders, infections, and chronic conditions such as cystic fibrosis. more
Downtown Eagle River, AK Alternative Medicine Businesses
Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic LLC, Biofeedback Therapists, Alternative Medicine, Holistic & Alternative Care, Anchorage, Alaska
3333 Denali St.
Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 563-6200
Your health is one of the most important aspects of your life and taking care of it early can lead you toward a fulfilling and lasting life. At Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic LLC in Anchorage, AK, Dr. Denton aims to treat the cause o...
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What Is Chronic Fatigue & How Can You Treat It?, Anchorage, Alaska
One of the primary complaints doctors hear from patients is that they’re experiencing on-going fatigue that makes work, socialization, and daily tasks a challenge. While feeling more
How the Ondamed® Biofeedback System Works, Anchorage, Alaska
Biofeedback is a type of alternative medicine that manages various physical and mental health issues, like anxiety, chronic pain, and headaches, through sensors attached to more
How Chelation Therapy Helps Prevent Heart Disease, Anchorage, Alaska
In your day-to-day life, you’re exposed to metals and chemicals like mercury, iron, arsenic, and lead, which can be toxic to your health—especially your heart. Chelation more
3 Ways a Vitamin C IV Provides Immune Support, Anchorage, Alaska
Vitamin C has long been known to provide immune support. However, it can be difficult to get the full amount you need every day through diet. High-dose intravenous vitamin C has more
3 Ways Increasing Your Oxygen Intake Benefits Your Body, Anchorage, Alaska
You have probably felt how taking a few deep breaths calms nervousness or helps you release emotion. Bringing more oxygen into your system helps brain function and affects more
3 Benefits of Ozone Therapy to Boost Blood Oxygen, Anchorage, Alaska
To support critical bodily functions and perform well, our blood cells need plenty of oxygen. In the air we breathe, there are two oxygen atoms present (O2). Ozone therapy provides more
What Is Lyme Disease & How Can Ozone Therapy Help Treat It?, Anchorage, Alaska
The prevalence of Lyme disease is on the rise. Even if you’ve never had this condition, you probably know someone who has, which means you also know just how much of a toll it can more
Diagnosing Thyroid Problems , Anchorage, Alaska
Diagnosing Thyroid Problems Thyroid disease has become very prevalent in today’s world and may be present despite “normal” TSH levels. Identifying the symptoms of more
An Overview of Ozone Therapy & How It Can Treat Your Illness, Anchorage, Alaska
Ozone is a colorless gas used in alternative medicine to treat a wide range of diseases and wounds. From heart disease and diabetes to macular degeneration and autoimmune conditions, more
What Is Alternative Medicine?, Anchorage, Alaska
Many people prefer holistic options when managing their health. Alternative medicine includes a number of non-traditional treatments, many with roots in ancient cultures and their& more
3 Reasons to Try Nutritional IV Therapy, Anchorage, Alaska
Nutritional IV therapy is being embraced as a holistic solution to several common health concerns. The revolutionary wellness practice provides natural supplements through the use more
3 Benefits of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy (PEMF), Anchorage, Alaska
Every one in America is aware of the opioid crisis. Chronic pain is a medical condition that affects many patients. While the most common treatment options include drugs and more
What Is Microcurrent Therapy & Could Its Benefits Help You?  , Anchorage, Alaska
Microcurrent therapy, also referred to as microcurrent neurofeedback, is a unique form of healing which uses technology to ease conditions like anxiety and depression. The more
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