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Why Regular Scale Calibration for Your Business Matters, Elizabethtown, Ohio
Whether you own a trucking business or operate a food processing plant, constantly moving heavy loads onto industrial scales for weighing will cause equipment to wear over time. That’s why it’s important to invest in more
Exciting News!!!, Elizabethtown, Ohio
 North Bend Ohio, June 26, 2018- Associated Scale LLC., one of the leading scale service providers in the Ohio Valley area and known distributor for Cardinal Scale, Fairbanks Scales, and Rice Lake Weighing systems, recently more
Evansville, IN-KY, KY Scales Businesses
Associated Scale, LLC, Industrial Scales, Commercial Scales, Scales, North Bend, Ohio
(513) 353-3788
Shortly after its inception in 1975, Associated Scale became the premier company in the tri-state area for scale sales and repairs. Based out of North Bend, OH, the company was ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited in 2000. This is the single most im...
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3 Top Reasons to Get Commercial Scale Repair Right Away, Elizabethtown, Ohio
If you work in shipping, logistics, or agriculture, you know how integral commercials scales are to your everyday responsibilities. Goods and cargo must be more
3 Ways to Save Money With Truck Scale Calibration, Elizabethtown, Ohio
A truck scale is a device that measures the weight of loaded vehicles, usually as they pass over it. And many businesses that rely on a fleet to transport goods or services often more
How Agricultural Businesses Gain With Weigh Batching, Elizabethtown, Ohio
Agricultural industry professionals need commercial or industrial scales for accurate measurements to meet production demands. If you still rely on manual weighing or you often need more
Digital vs. Analog Load Cells: Which Is Right for Your Business?, Elizabethtown, Ohio
Load cells are used to measure force and weight accurately and precisely. In the simplest terms, load cells convert one form of energy into another, delivering an more
Why Are RoughDeck® Floor Scales So Desirable?, Elizabethtown, Ohio
Some of the highest quality floor scales sold by Associated Scale in North Bend, OH, are manufactured by RoughDeck®. These American-made scales can be used in a wide more
5 Common Issues You May Face With Scale Calibration, Elizabethtown, Ohio
A truck scale is used to weigh rail or road vehicles and their contents and is crucial for weight and safety inspections at highway checkpoints. This is why it’s important to be more
North Bend Truck Scale Experts Explain Load Cells, Elizabethtown, Ohio
When it comes to regulatory compliance in the trucking industry, cargo weight plays a big role. But how exactly do truck scales produce an accurate reading of freight weight? As more
Winter V.S. Truck Scale, Elizabethtown, Ohio
How to Minimize Damage to Your Truck Scale It is no secret that winter weather effects everyday life. From freezing temperatures, bad roads with black ice, to house pipes being more
Which Accessories Are Most Useful for Truck Scales?, Elizabethtown, Ohio
Commercial truck scales must be built to accommodate trucks and other oversized vehicles. To ensure proper use of the equipment and prevent long lines, it’s important to direct more
6 Basic Components of the Truck Scale, Elizabethtown, Ohio
There are many components to the trucking industry. From the drivers in the trucks to the engines themselves, each piece plays a part in making sure every delivery gets to its more
The Food Safety Modernization Act & the Role of Scales in Food Processing, Elizabethtown, Ohio
President Obama committed much of his campaign to the improvement of Western diet and the food industry. In 2011, he signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. This has allowed more
Why the Foundation of a Truck Scale Matters, Elizabethtown, Ohio
The process of constructing and installing a truck scale has changed quite a bit over time. What was once a fairly rigid and expensive process due to the deep pits that needed to be more
Destination....Limitless, Elizabethtown, Ohio
Local scale sales and repair company, Associated Scale LLC., has officially become the only scale distributor in the tri-state region with the largest Heavy Capacity Truck Scale more
3 Benefits of Investing in a Quality Truck Scale & Routine Maintenance, Elizabethtown, Ohio
For companies that rely on a truck scale to weigh vehicles and their contents, it’s important for the equipment to be calibrated accurately so they don’t incur fines from excessive more
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