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A Brief Guide to the IRS, Brownfield, Texas
The mere mention of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) causes many people to tense up and become nervous. This is largely because it’s associated with collecting taxes and conducting audits. However, the role this government agency plays...read more
How to Reduce Your Property Taxes, Brownfield, Texas
New homeowners are often surprised by how many financial obligations come with buying real estate. In addition to monthly mortgage payments, property taxes can also significantly impact your finances. Fortunately, it may be possible to r...read more
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Donna Sellers CPA, Bookkeeping, Tax Return Preparation, Certified Public Accountants, Brownfield, Texas
420 W Main St
Brownfield, TX 79316
(806) 637-8556
Whether you're an individual looking for effective advice regarding family finances or a member of an established corporation, Donna Sellers CPA has the skills to meet your needs and a reputation for ethical service you can rely on....
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5 Tips for Budgeting as a Couple , Brownfield, Texas
Creating a budget with your significant other isn’t just necessary for managing your household expenses; it’s also an important part of working together as a team. While financi...read more
A Brief Introduction to Tax Deductions, Brownfield, Texas
Tax deductions are effective tools for reducing your liability, potentially slashing thousands of dollars off what you owe the government each year. While most income is subject...read more
6 Common Questions About Payroll , Brownfield, Texas
It’s normal for new business owners to feel daunted by payroll. But knowing basic information about various payroll forms and tax requirements can help you set up an effective payrol...read more
3 Pointers for Seniors Filing Taxes, Brownfield, Texas
Income tax season can be complicated for people of all ages, from those entering the workforce to new parents claiming dependents for the first time. As a senior, a whole new set of ...read more
3 Tax Tips for Freelancers, Brownfield, Texas
All workers have to pay taxes on the income they earn throughout the year. If a worker is a full- or part-time employee, then their employer will deduct taxes automatically from each...read more
How Do Charitable Deductions for Taxes Work?, Brownfield, Texas
Donating to a charity is a wonderful way to give back to the community and support a specific cause. However, this act can also have a positive benefit on your taxes if you claim the...read more
FAQ About Claiming Interest Expenses on Your Taxes, Brownfield, Texas
As spring approaches, so does tax season. To reduce what you owe—or increase your return—taxpayers should look for applicable deductions. For example, while not all the interest you ...read more
3 Tax Benefits of Having a Baby, Brownfield, Texas
Having a child is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but it does add extra strain to your budget. Fortunately, the tax code offers parents some significant credits and deducti...read more
The Pros & Cons of Paying Salary vs. Hourly Wages, Brownfield, Texas
Most employees are either paid based on the number of hours they worked or they receive a pre-determined salary. While this might seem like a minor distinction, the choice you make c...read more
How Do Payroll Schedules Affect Tax Withholding Calculations?, Brownfield, Texas
Apart from making sure your employees are given checks on time, employers are responsible for withholding money from their pay based on the tax laws, the answers they specified ...read more
FAQ About Filing Taxes , Brownfield, Texas
Even if you’ve been filing taxes for years, new laws and changing circumstances can create confusion when it comes time to prepare your next return. As such, it’s natural for a varie...read more
5 Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money, Brownfield, Texas
Owning your own small business can be empowering—but it also puts all the pressure of making a profit on you. In addition to trying to expand sales, one way to help your net gain is ...read more
5 Tax Filing Statuses & What They Mean for You, Brownfield, Texas
Your filing status affects everything from your tax rate to which deductions you qualify for. While these classifications may sometimes seem straight-forward—the easiest question on ...read more
5 Helpful Business Tax Deductions, Brownfield, Texas
Opening and running your own business requires a lot of investment—both in time and in money. In addition, you face new challenges you might not have known as an employee—such as dea...read more
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