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JEI Learning Center Offers Tips for Enhanced Reading Comprehension, Marlboro, New Jersey
Every parent is elated when their child learns to read. But aside from sounding out words, how can you determine how much they understand? Some parents notice their kids going through the motions and reading aloud instead of fo...read more
How to Make Building Math Skills Fun, Marlboro, New Jersey
Kids are rarely excited to do homework or practice math skills. If you want your young student to get excited about learning, you have to find ways to make it fun and interesting. At JEI Learning Center in South San Jose, CA, they offer ...read more
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JEI Learning Center, Tutoring & Learning Centers, Educational Services, Tutoring, Marlboro, New Jersey
45 North Main St.
Marlboro, NJ 07746
With locations all across the United States, JEI Learning Center is one of the country’s top academic enrichment programs. The early childhood education centers offer customized programs designed to help students excel in their clas...
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Why Enroll Your Child in a Reading & Writing Program?, Marlboro, New Jersey
Would your child benefit from more reading and writing? Whether they’re struggling in school, or need more of a challenge, one of the best things you can do for their education is en...read more
3 Great Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a Common Core Program, Marlboro, New Jersey
As parents and students adjust to the new common core curricula, enrolling your child in an after-school enrichment program is an excellent way to support your child’s education...read more
Leading Learning Center Offers Exceptional English Program, Marlboro, New Jersey
No one knows how important it is to develop a strong foundation of learning more than the professionals from JEI Learning Center in San Jose, CA. They offer a wide range of earl...read more
Find a Professional Reading & Writing Tutor for Your Child at JEI Learning Center in San Jose & Fremont, Marlboro, New Jersey
JEI Learning Center is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier private tutoring service. Offering a variety of tutoring programs, these highly experienced instructors provide custo...read more
Welcome to the JEI Learning Center in Marlboro, New Jersey. We offer a variety of academic enrichment and tutoring programs for children in grades K-12 designed to ele...read more
Jenna's Book Club: To Learn...To Love...To Read!, Marlboro, New Jersey
Meet Jenna Weingarten, a senior at Biotechnology High School in Freehold, NJ. Jenna has loved books for as long as she can remember – in fact, she often jokes that she’s probably the...read more
JEI Ranked in Business Insider's Top 50 Franchises Worldwide!, Marlboro, New Jersey
Not only is JEI ranked the #45 Franchise in the world by Business Insider, we are the only Educational Franchise that made the list! Check out the article below and find out why JEI ...read more
JEI Learning Center Offers Top Reading Strategies to Help Struggling Readers, Marlboro, New Jersey
At the JEI Learning Center, we are constantly working with students with different learning abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Rather than using a blanket approach when it comes t...read more
​FREE gift for Summer Reading!, Marlboro, New Jersey
Reading can be one of the many fun activities children fill their summer time with. Research has shown it is also much more! Children who participate in summer reading programs not o...read more
How Tutoring Can Be an Investment in Your Child’s Future, Marlboro, New Jersey
If your son or daughter is struggling to comprehend various math, English, reading, and writing concepts, JEI Learning Center can help unlock their unlimited learning potential....read more
JEI Learning Center offers Tips Help Enhance Your Child’s Learning Process, Marlboro, New Jersey
At JEI Learning Center, we are always looking for ways to help children improve the way they learn. We believe in "A Better Life Through Better Education", which is the philosop...read more
JEI Marlboro Student Wins Continental Math League, Marlboro, New Jersey
Congratulations Ishani for winning 1st place in the Grade 2 Continental Math League in school! All of us at JEI Learning Center of Marlboro are so very proud of you.read more
JEI Learning Center's Summer Tutoring Programs are Here!, Marlboro, New Jersey
Now that summer is right around the bend, are you looking for ways to keep your children busy once the school year ends? JEI Learning Center is here to help. This year, we are o...read more
Let’s face it, students often have education gaps that aren’t being met during the traditional school day. With our comprehensive diagnostic at JEI Learning Center Marlboro, we can i...read more
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