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A Guide to Anodizing Aluminum, Fairfield, Ohio
Aluminum is used in a broad array of applications, from automotive components to construction parts. When working with this material, many professionals opt for hard coat anodizing to increase its performance. The following gui...read more
How to Choose Between Stainless Steel & Chrome, Fairfield, Ohio
If you're looking for a strong, dependable, and visually appealing finish for your business's machinery, there are two main options from which to choose: stainless steel and chrome plating. They each offer several benefits, but their com...read more
Fairfield, OH Hard Chrome Plating Businesses
LWG Finishing, Electroless Nickel Plating, Hard Chrome Plating, Fairfield, Ohio
9461 Le Saint Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 860-1156
LWG Finishing in West Chester, OH, is a chrome plating company serving the industrial, mining, construction and automotive industries with top-notch service and precision. Founded nearly 50 years ago, this company spans through generati...
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What You Should Know About Centerless Grinding, Fairfield, Ohio
In machine shops, masterpieces are made by slowly removing, shaping, and reworking metal. One of these transformative techniques is centerless grinding, which differs from the m...read more
Why You Should Consider Sandblasting , Fairfield, Ohio
When you have equipment with hard chrome plating, glass, steel, wood, or even stone surfaces, finding effective ways to clean and maintain these components is a must. Sandblasting is...read more
Frequently Asked Questions About Passivation , Fairfield, Ohio
Passivation is an important process that prevents corrosion in your stainless-steel components, such as hydraulic rod cylinders. It’s typically used by manufacturers and machine shop...read more
A Guide to Hard Coat Anodizing, Fairfield, Ohio
Aluminum is used in a wide range of industries, from food service to construction. No matter what its application, stronger, longer-lasting aluminum will bring you the greatest value...read more
Signs of Hydraulic Cylinder Wear, Fairfield, Ohio
Hydraulic cylinders use linear motion to provide strong and efficient lifting and movement for industrial equipment such as excavators, dump trucks, loaders, and backhoes. With an un...read more
5 Frequent Causes of Hydraulic Cylinder Failure, Fairfield, Ohio
One of the most common components in heavy machinery is the hydraulic cylinder. A hydraulic cylinder depends on several components remaining well-aligned, adequately lubricated, and ...read more
A Guide to Corrosion, Fairfield, Ohio
Refined metals can break down and corrode over time, causing cosmetic and structural issues for your property. Luckily, there are ways to prevent or slow down this&nbs...read more
A Brief Guide to Chrome Plating, Fairfield, Ohio
Chrome plating is a type of electroplating in which a thin layer of chromium is applied to a metal—or sometimes plastic—object. Chromium is a shiny, naturally-occurring element that ...read more
A Guide to Electroless Nickel Plating, Fairfield, Ohio
Electroless nickel plating is a type of alloy treatment that makes plastics and metals harder and more resistant to wear and tear. A simpler alternative to traditional electroplating...read more
The Top 3 Ways to Avoid Metal Corrosion, Fairfield, Ohio
Metal equipment that is exposed to salt or humidity is often susceptible to corrosion. Also, if they begin to oxidize, this often causes the metal to rust. However, through various p...read more
3 Benefits of Anodizing, Fairfield, Ohio
Aluminum is used in a wide variety of applications, and you can find it in everything from building materials and vehicle parts to appliances. If you want to prolong the life of...read more
3 Situations That Require Sandblasting, Fairfield, Ohio
Sandblasting uses steel grit, walnut and coconut shells, copper slag, or powdered abrasives to clean various surfaces. The particles get delivered to the surfaces via air compressors...read more
3 Benefits of Chrome Plating, Fairfield, Ohio
Chrome plating is used in a wide range of applications, from the automotive and aerospace industries to agricultural and mining equipment. Unlike decorative chrome plating, when this...read more
3 Ways to Clean Chrome Plating, Fairfield, Ohio
Although polished chrome can add beauty and aesthetic appeal to your home, it requires a significant amount of care to remain attractive. Your chrome fixtures will need regular maint...read more
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