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How to Suggest Couples Counseling to Your Partner, Brighton, New York
Perhaps your relationship with your partner has felt strained lately. Even if you don’t sense any major issues, maybe you’d like an objective opinion to help you work through small problems before they grow into big headaches. more
How to Tell If You Have Anger Issues, Brighton, New York
Anger is a healthy and normal emotion. There’s nothing wrong with venting frustrations and feeling upset in proportion to difficult circumstances. In some cases, however, rage is unhealthy and unproductive, interfering in your quality more
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Laurie Burns LCSW-R CGP, Licensed Professional Counselors, Relationship Counselors, Counseling, Rochester, New York
2261 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 734-6826
The relationships we foster can be the richest, most fulfilling aspects of our lives. They can also be the most challenging. For more than 20 years, Laurie Burns LCSW-R CGP has been a licensed professional counselor in the Rochester area...
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3 Tips for Encouraging Adult Children to Leave the Nest, Brighton, New York
Young adults are getting married and starting families much later in life than previous generations, with a significant number still living in their parents’ homes. While you& more
4 Benefits of Attending Couples Counseling Before Marriage, Brighton, New York
Getting engaged is an exciting life experience. While it may seem counterintuitive, the time leading up to the wedding is actually an ideal opportunity for couples counseling. more
3 Signs You May Have Anxiety, Brighton, New York
While anxiety can be a healthy and perfectly normal reaction to stressful situations, experiencing excessive or disproportionate levels may impact your daily life. Anxiety more
3 Tips for Reconnecting With Your Estranged Children, Brighton, New York
Every parent wants a close, meaningful relationship with their adult children, but sometimes life just gets in the way. If a divorce, traumatic event, or painful history has more
How to Choose a Therapist for Anxiety Treatment, Brighton, New York
Life has many ups and downs, and sometimes, the hardships can be overwhelming. Anxiety disorders are common, and many seek therapists for effective treatment. Here more
What Problems Do Couples Often Have After Moving In Together?, Brighton, New York
Moving in together is an exciting relationship milestone, but it often brings changes that catch even the closest couples by surprise. No matter how well you think you know one more
3 Tips for Introducing the Idea of Couples Counseling, Brighton, New York
Starting the discussion with your spouse or partner about relationship troubles can be challenging. And if you’re considering couples counseling, you may not know how to get the more
Relationship Counselor Shares 3 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup, Brighton, New York
Breakups are never easy. Whether or not you were the person who ended the relationship, it’s natural to grieve as you would over any significant loss. Although there is no quick and more
3 Common Marriage Problems That Arise After Having a Baby, Brighton, New York
The birth of a first child is a major milestone in a marriage. While expectant parents may be focused solely on preparing for the baby’s arrival, they should also take time to more
3 Steps to Eliminating Anxiety Over a New Job, Brighton, New York
Starting a new job is exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful. Uncertainties about expectations on you or the work environment can fray nerves. If you don’t more
5 Simple Tips for Managing Empty Nest Syndrome, Brighton, New York
Watching your child take the first steps into adulthood is exciting; however, many parents struggle emotionally with this change. So-called empty nest syndrome can lead to feelings more
3 Spouse Communication Tips From a Relationship Counselor, Brighton, New York
Communication is a vital part of any relationship. It allows you to understand each other better, leading to a happier and healthier union. Even if you mean well, however, it can be more
3 Signs You Should Invest in Family Counseling, Brighton, New York
At some point, every family goes through stressful periods caused by everything from financial pressures to the death of a loved one or difficulty balancing competing more
3 Tips to Combat Anxiety & When to Seek Help, Brighton, New York
When you experience anxiety, it can feel like everything is against you. From changes in your routine to facing unknown obstacles, this stress can affect you in many situations. The more
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