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Why Parents Should Get Involved in Their Child’s Preschool Programs, Mendon, New York
Preschool programs establish the foundation for a lifetime of learning. A positive preschool experience will help children learn to love their educational experience. However, this isn’t the responsibility of teachers alone. When more
How to Stop a Toddler From Throwing Food, Mendon, New York
It’s common for young children to throw their food on the floor. Although this behavior can be frustrating and messy, it needs to be handled carefully. Here are some steps you can take to keep your child from throwing their food so that more
Mendon, NY Child Care Businesses
Mendon Child Care Center, Preschools, Child & Day Care, Child Care, Mendon, New York
53 Assembly Dr
Mendon, NY 14506
During the precious early years of life, learning and development are vital — but so is fun, laughter, and friendship. At Mendon Child Care Center in Mendon and Victor, NY, all of these important elements intertwine. Through a combi...
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A Parent’s Guide to Sunscreen, Mendon, New York
Summer is nearly here, which means it’s time to prepare for hours of outdoor fun. Whether your child likes to play in the yard or attends a child care center, take some more
3 Lessons to Teach During Early Childhood, Mendon, New York
Introducing the right concepts to children between the ages of one and five is essential to future development. If you’re enrolling your little one in a child care center, more
How to Encourage Young Kids to Be More Social, Mendon, New York
Though some children are social butterflies, others are shy. If your little one doesn’t feel comfortable talking to peers and educators in their preschool program, there more
A Guide to New York State’s Standards for Pre-K Programs, Mendon, New York
The first few years of life create the foundation for future learning. Once children are old enough to attend preschool, many parents are faced with the choice of enrolling more
5 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Toddlers, Mendon, New York
From their own backyard to time spent at a day care center, exposure to nature and sunshine is incredibly beneficial for small children. While new technology in the gaming and more
How to Deal With Separation Anxiety During Day Care Dropoffs, Mendon, New York
When a young child first attends a child care center, they may experience separation anxiety. However, tears, clinging, and tantrums don’t have to become the norm. If your more
All You Need to Know About Helicopter Parenting, Mendon, New York
From supporting their interests to keeping up with their preschool program, it’s important to stay involved in the life of your son or daughter. At the same more
3 Fun Games to Help Your Child Learn Different Colors, Mendon, New York
Learning to identify different colors is one of the many new experiences a toddler will face. At this age, they are discovering the wonders of the world and developing the more
Why Does My Toddler Sometimes Eat Dirt?, Mendon, New York
The habits of toddlers are often different from those of adults. One of these can be eating non-foods like dirt. If your little one does this, you’re not alone— it's more
4 Tips for Dealing With Aggression in Young Children, Mendon, New York
Many young children and toddlers go through hitting or biting phases. Aggressive behavior can disrupt them and others at a preschool program or at home. If your more
3 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior in Children, Mendon, New York
Navigating life with a toddler can be tough. One minute, they’re on their best behavior as they play with toys; the next, they’re throwing a tantrum on the kitchen floor. more
5 Preschool Activities to Teach Your Toddler How to Count, Mendon, New York
The math concepts your child learns in preschool will build the foundation they need for the rest of their academic career. Before they begin adding and subtracting, however, they more
3 Benefits of Arts & Crafts in Child Care Curricula, Mendon, New York
For toddlers, arts and crafts only mean fun. However, while they’re busy having a good time, kids are learning and honing important skills without even realizing it. more
3 Benefits of Tummy Time, Mendon, New York
Having a baby is an exciting new adventure. Part of the experience is ensuring that your little one grows up healthy and strong. One key way to promote development is to ensure your more
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