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3 Tips for Long-Distance Bike Rides, Columbia, Missouri
Taking a long-distance bike ride for the first time is a thrilling experience. However, novice cyclists must ensure they prepare for the journey, especially if you plan on traveling for several hours. When you want to take an extended more
3 Tips for Maintaining a Mountain Bike, Columbia, Missouri
Mountain biking offers a fun and exciting way to explore various landscapes. While your bike is built to handle rough terrain and harsh outdoor elements, it’s still subject to significant wear and tear. Whether you more
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Jim's Bike & Key Shop, Lock Repairs, Locksmiths, Bicycle Shops, Columbia, Missouri
800 Vandiver Dr Suite 102
Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 442-7011
Sometimes, the little things make the biggest difference. At Jim’s Bike & Key Shop, they understand how small everyday occurrences can derail your day. That’s why they’re committed to serving the Columbia, MO, community by making the...
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What Cyclists Should Know About Changing Their Brake Pads, Columbia, Missouri
Reliable brakes are essential for keeping your bike under control and avoiding accidents. Unfortunately, brake wear happens gradually, and many riders don’t notice performance more
4 Items to Bring on a Bicycle Ride, Columbia, Missouri
A bicycle ride is an excellent way to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful scenery while exercising. However, if you're planning more than a cruise around the block, you’ll more
Do's & Don'ts of Riding Your Bicycle on a Public Road, Columbia, Missouri
Riding your bicycle on the city streets is a convenient way to exercise. Unfortunately, many people forget to follow proper safety precautions when taking their bike out more
3 Tips for Staying Cool While Biking, Columbia, Missouri
Whether you ride a bike for transportation, leisure, or exercise, you will work up a sweat, especially during warm weather. At the same time, spring and summer are ideal for riding, more
A Brief Guide to Bike Safety During Summer, Columbia, Missouri
With summer on the horizon, bikers around the country are eager to get pedaling again. However, as the seasons change, so should your bike riding habits. Here are just a few of the more
The 5 Most Common Types of Locks, Columbia, Missouri
When it comes to securing your home, locks are your top means of defense. There are many different types to choose from, each with varying degrees of security. Your lock more
4 Ways to Remove a Key That’s Stuck in the Lock, Columbia, Missouri
Getting a key stuck in the lock is frustrating. It prevents you from getting on with your day and also potentially damages the lock’s mechanisms. However, more
3 Ways to Tell if Someone Has Tampered With Your Locks, Columbia, Missouri
Breaking or destroying locks is a severe problem that can affect anyone. You must promptly act if you suspect that someone has attempted to break into your home or has been inside. more
3 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Keys, Columbia, Missouri
Keys can be small and unobtrusive, so they’re easy to misplace. Plus, you might not always focus when you set them down somewhere since you use them so often. However, you more
3 Reasons to Buy From a Bike Shop, Columbia, Missouri
If you’re looking for a new bike, it is tempting to snag one from a big box store next time you’re running errands. However, you should buy from a local shop, instead. Whether more
4 Signs Bicycle Tires Need to Be Replaced, Columbia, Missouri
If your bicycle tires aren't in good condition, you won't be able to enjoy a relaxing and safe ride. If you cycle regularly, the tires are one of the parts on your bike that more
3 Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Bike's Chain, Columbia, Missouri
Because it helps convert the kinetic energy of pedaling into the movement of the wheels, the chain is an integral part of your bike. While it’s not as likely to get damaged as more
Your Guide to Different Types of Bikes, Columbia, Missouri
Bikes are an excellent way to stay in shape, commute to work, have heart-pounding fun, or enjoy the fresh air. Depending on your purpose for riding a bicycle, there’s one more
How to Care for a Bike Chain & When to Replace It, Columbia, Missouri
Bicycle chains are a vital component designed to transfer energy from the pedals to power the wheels. This mechanism is crafted from carbon or steel and is fairly sturdy, more
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