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3 Ways to Keep Your Shower Clean for Your Holiday Guests, Greenvale, Minnesota
You want to put your best foot forward for your holiday guests. When you’re cleaning for their arrival, don’t forget the shower. Make sure you’re cleaning every surface properly and check if you need shower door repairs. How to Clean more
3 Tips to Prevent Foggy Windows, Greenvale, Minnesota
Fogginess on glass windows is the direct result of condensation. In addition to being a nuisance, foggy windows can lead to frame damage. If you notice this issue, it’s time to take action. Here are three effective ways to prevent the more
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ValleyView Glass & Screen, Glass Repair, Window Repair, Glass & Windows, Northfield, Minnesota
28650 Foliage Ave
Northfield, MN 55057
(612) 747-8425
If you have worked to remove the fog from your windows but no amount of window cleaner is fixing the problem, let “the foggy window specialists” in Northfield, MN, take care of the job for you. At ValleyView Glass & Screen, they util...
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Everything You Need to Know About Window Sashes, Greenvale, Minnesota
Glass windows require a series of components to hold the panes in place. Called sashes, these essential elements are crucial to durability and function. If you’re unfamiliar with more
What You Need to Know About Your Cracked Shower Door, Greenvale, Minnesota
A glass shower adds a sleek and elegant look to your bathroom. However, these showers do face issues, such as cracking and chipping, that other showers don't. If cracks develop or more
What Causes Your Windows to Fog?, Greenvale, Minnesota
When there are drastic differences in the temperature and humidity between the inside of your home and outside, your glass windows will probably become temporarily fogged. But more
3 Reasons to Add Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Windows to Your Home, Greenvale, Minnesota
If you love natural sunlight and capturing stunning views, floor-to-ceiling glass windows may be the perfect addition to your custom home. They’re a hallmark of luxury and offer more
4 Benefits of Installing Storm Windows, Greenvale, Minnesota
Storm windows provide homeowners with a variety of benefits, some of which may come as a surprise. Although they provide excellent protection from the ravages of inclement weather, more
How to Know When It's Time for a Window Screen Replacement, Greenvale, Minnesota
When was the last time you thought about a window screen replacement? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most homeowners only think about their glass windows, not more
What to Know About Window Sashes, Greenvale, Minnesota
A window sash is the framework of the window that holds the glass securely in place. It’s fitted into the window frame itself, and may or may not be moveable. They’re most more
How to Protect Door & Window Screens From Pets, Greenvale, Minnesota
As much as you love your pets, there is no denying that they can occasionally create problems inside the house. Door and window screens are one of the most at-risk areas, as pets more
The Right Way to Clean a Screened Porch, Greenvale, Minnesota
A screened-in porch allows you to enjoy beautiful weather and the great outdoors without having to deal with bugs and pests. Whether your porch needs seasonal cleaning or a window more
What Causes Foggy Windows? , Greenvale, Minnesota
It’s normal to have condensation on the windows on occasion. However, constantly wet glass is a sign you may need foggy window repair. This seemingly small issue can indicate more
3 Key Benefits of Thermopane™ Windows, Greenvale, Minnesota
Thermopane™ technology includes double-paned glass windows with a complete seal between the two panes. Many homeowners opt for this option for several benefits, more
Why Window Restoration Is a Must When Damage Occurs, Greenvale, Minnesota
Cracked glass or damaged frames on your windows is not only unsightly, but it also poses a huge safety risk. Even minor issues will get worse over time, which is why scheduling more
5 Ways to Make Glass Windows More Energy Efficient, Greenvale, Minnesota
If your home has older glass windows, they may not be as energy-efficient as they once were. Cold winter air seeping in from drafty windows can force your heating system to work more
How to Tell When You Need Shower Door Replacement, Greenvale, Minnesota
A glass shower door can add a level of sophistication to your bathroom, while helping the room feel larger thanks to its ability to reflect light. Though proper installation from a more
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