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Why Hire an Arborist During Winter?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Professional tree care keeps your outdoor areas healthy, safe, and beautiful. Hiring an arborist in the winter is especially important for preventing cold weather hazards and ensuring that trees grow properly once warm weather arrives. more
What to Know About Dogs & Holiday Food, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
The holidays are a time of indulgence for all, and that can include giving extra treats to your dog. However, there are a few human foods you shouldn’t give your pup during the holiday season. These foods can cause serious health issues more
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Dave & Aaron Stang's Certified Tree Care, Tree Trimming Services, Tree Service, Tree Removal, Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 936-9777
Proper pruning is a delicate procedure and one that requires education, finesse and an eye for aesthetics. With help from Dave & Aaron Stang's Certified Tree Care, feel confident that your trees will receive the professional car...
Alexandria Pike Animal Hospital , Pet Care, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Animal Hospitals, Southgate, Kentucky
333 Bluegrass Avenue
Southgate, KY 41071
All animals deserve attentive, compassionate care from caring, committed veterinary professionals. Alexandria Pike Animal Hospital, a full-service pet hospital in Newport, KY, offers a complete range of services covering every aspect of ...
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4 Tree Diseases That Are Common in Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio
Just like people, trees can contract diseases. Some of these spread from other plants, while others are carried by pests or water. A tree care professional can diagnose diseases and more
A Guide to Pet Vaccines , Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Animal vaccine services from your local veterinarian will protect your pet from a variety of diseases, including rabies and the parvovirus. Here, learn more about animal more
3 Tree Care Myths Debunked, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you have trees on your property, it’s important to learn how to maintain them. Unfortunately, when searching for information, you may come across some myths. To help you treat more
3 Tips for Getting Your Cat Ready for Boarding, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
No pet owner wants to leave their furry friends behind, but some vacations aren’t animal-friendly. If you’re heading out of town, pet boarding is the perfect way to ensure your cat more
An Introduction to Canine Arthritis & Its Treatments, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Arthritis is a common ailment among dogs, especially senior ones. There are two types: degenerative joint disease—also known as osteoarthritis— and inflammatory joint disease. The more
A Brief Guide to Dying Trees, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lush, beautiful trees can be the centerpiece of a property, but when they die, they can create serious safety risks. It’s important that you properly identify and handle a dying more
Why Your Dog Isn't Eating, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
As a proud and caring pet parent, you know how important it is to monitor your dog’s health. If your furry friend suddenly stops eating, you should figure out what’s responsible for more
A Guide to Socializing Your Older Dog, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
They say old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but this is patently false. While it’s definitely true that dogs are most amenable to learning new things when they’re young, it’s still more
Should You Brush Your Dog's Teeth? , Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
If you recently adopted a canine family member, your animal’s care naturally extends to their teeth and gums. Brushing your dog’s teeth can keep your pet healthy and odor-free. If more
A Guide to Hiring a Certified Arborist Before Buying a Home, Cincinnati, Ohio
Many home buyers focus on the structure, not the property, when considering a home. It’s equally important to investigate the trees and foliage on your property, which is why many more
How to Keep Your Pet Safe & Comfortable On Airplanes, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Whether you are visiting relatives or relocating across the country, you might fly to get to the destination. If you plan to bring pets on the plane, speak to the staff at your more
How Can You Care For Your Dog After Amputation Surgery?, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Whether your dog needs a leg amputated because of an injury or another health issue, there’s no reason the canine cannot enjoy a high quality of life after leaving the pet more
What Makes Chocolate Dangerous for Dogs?, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
As a pet owner, you want to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. Part of that includes understanding which foods they can and can’t have, so you avoid a trip to the pet more
5 Crucial Veterinary Services When Adopting a Dog, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Welcoming a furry friend into the family is a rewarding and life-changing step. However, you shouldn't let the excitement overshadow your new dog's need for veterinary care. more
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