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Not Cooking for the Holidays? Visit a Chinese Buffet!, Archdale, North Carolina
While many diners picture a holiday meal composed of vegetables and ham or turkey, that’s far from the standard. Many people don’t celebrate Christmas, and others aren’t into the old-fashioned, gather-’ more
4 Popular Ingredients in Chinese Food, Archdale, North Carolina
If you’re a fan of Chinese food, you might be curious about what gives it such a signature taste. A variety of spices and sauces are used to make your favorite dishes at Bamboo Garden II in High Point, NC. The restaurant has more
Archdale, NC Restaurants and Food Businesses
Bamboo Garden II, Asian Restaurants, Buffet Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants, High Point, North Carolina
10106-C S. Main St.
High Point, NC 27263
With diverse, scrumptious plates ranging from chow mein to crispy crab won tons, Chinese food is perfect for quelling your hunger. Bamboo Garden II in High Point, NC, brings families and friends together with authentic, all-you-can-...
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Chinese Tea Traditions in the Past & Now, Archdale, North Carolina
Whether you’re enjoying it with a meal or sipping it as you read a book, tea is a delectable drink that comes in a variety of styles and flavors. Before the beverage more
What to Order When You Need a Carry-Out Snack, Archdale, North Carolina
Do you love Asian cuisine? If you enjoy crunching into tasty egg rolls or slurping up savory lo mein, a Chinese restaurant can satisfy your cravings. If you're out and about and more
Chinese Cuisine: The Decadent History of Dumplings, Archdale, North Carolina
A classic staple of Chinese cuisine, the history behind the dumpling extends back thousands of years. As a traditional food of Northern China, the half-moon shaped goodies are more
3 Delicious Chinese Food Dishes You Have to Try for Yourself, Archdale, North Carolina
Few cuisines can match the delicious flavors of Chinese food. As the staff at Bamboo Garden II in High Point, NC, notes, however, Chinese food has much more to offer than orange more
The 5 Flavors of Chinese Food, Archdale, North Carolina
Traditional Chinese food always includes at least one of five flavors: spicy, salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. When combined, they create a harmony of tastes, which not only more
Savory Chinese Cuisine Vegetarians & Pescetarians Will Love!, Archdale, North Carolina
While flavorful options can sometimes be hard to find for vegetarians, Chinese cuisine offers ample options to indulge in. If you’re a pescetarian, a plethora of seafood more
Chinese Cuisine Explained: What’s the Difference Between Chow Mein & Lo Mein?, Archdale, North Carolina
Chinese cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world, but there are a few dishes that always seem to please the crowd. Chow mein and lo mein are two of the most popular dishes more
Try a Seafood Dish at Bamboo Garden II, Archdale, North Carolina
The options are nearly endless with Chinese cuisine. While you can stick with the traditional favorites like sweet and sour chicken or delicious broccoli beef, why not branch out more
Why You Should Bring Your Family to a Chinese Buffet Restaurant, Archdale, North Carolina
If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck when dinner time rolls around, then Bamboo Garden II in High Point, NC, invites you down to their Chinese food eatery to enjoy a more
5 Rules of Chinese Buffet Etiquette, Archdale, North Carolina
A visit to a Chinese buffet can make for an amazing dining experience: as much as you can eat, hot and ready as soon as you walk in. But many people don't visit buffets often— more
Top 3 Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Drive-Thru for Your Meals, Archdale, North Carolina
Food lovers across High Point, NC, vouch for the convenience of having a Chinese drive-thru restaurant nearby. That’s because Bamboo Garden II offers a delightful selection of more
The Benefits of Drinking Chinese Tea, Archdale, North Carolina
Consuming Chinese tea on a daily basis is an excellent way to improve your health. When brewed from scratch, steeped tea with very little sugar or honey is packed with oxidants and more
Healthy Chinese Food Choices at Bamboo Garden II, Archdale, North Carolina
With more people becoming aware of the benefits healthy food brings, many restaurants are following the trend. Since today’s consumer is health- and calorie-conscious, Bamboo more
5 Great Things to Do Before Eating at High Point’s Best Chinese Restaurant, Archdale, North Carolina
Bamboo Garden II is one of High Point, NC’s best Chinese restaurants, with a delicious buffet and scrumptious entrees for eat-in or carry-out. The cuisine alone more
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