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How to Save Money During a Move, Rochester, New York
From securing the movers to ensuring your new home is ready to receive you, there are many considerations to keep in mind when planning a move. The first step is to set a budget, which should account for all related more
Top 5 Countries to Live in After Retirement, Rochester, New York
When Americans approach their senior years, many consider international moving to lead exciting lives in more affordable locations. Several countries offer numerous benefits to retirees, with some consistently more
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Becker Movers, Residential Moving, Commercial Moving, Moving Companies, Rochester, New York
1523 Mt Read Blvd South Srv Rd
Rochester, NY 14606
(585) 458-5480
Moving into a new home can be a stressful and unpleasant task, full of surprise headaches and cumbersome hiccups. Often the idea of moving is met with bittersweet apprehension, with the happiness of change usually underscored by the unpl...
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3 Tips for Transferring Utilities When You Move, Rochester, New York
Moving involves many tasks. Luckily, movers make the process less stressful by helping you pack and unload. Staying organized and planning ahead also streamlines the more
Do's & Don'ts of Moving During the Summer, Rochester, New York
The weather can get hot during the summer. If you’re planning a move this season, stay comfortable by making a few plans with your movers. Below are some ways to stay cool more
Do's & Don’ts of Moving With Babies, Rochester, New York
Moving with a family can be stressful. The challenge grows when you have an infant to care for. While hiring movers will minimize your workload, you should also plan carefully more
3 Ways to Find a Job Abroad, Rochester, New York
Moving to a foreign country can be the start of an exciting new chapter in your life. You can learn a second language or strengthen your current skills. There’s also the possibility more
4 Tips for Moving During COVID-19, Rochester, New York
Residential moving requires some extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. With these additional steps, this process will go smoothly, and your family will be able more
3 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied During a Move, Rochester, New York
Your home will be bustling with activity on moving day, which could be distracting for the youngest members of your family. Keeping your little ones entertained during the move will more
3 Ways to Help Senior Loved Ones Move, Rochester, New York
Moving can be stressful for anyone, but seniors face added challenges. Luckily, professional moving services help make the process easier. If you’re assisting your loved more
How to Successfully Move With Your Cat, Rochester, New York
Residential moves can be chaotic for most households. While the prospect of a transition is challenging for humans, it's even more overwhelming for pets — and particularly for more
4 Exciting Reasons to Retire Abroad, Rochester, New York
Many Americans worry that their savings won’t last them all the way through retirement. One solution to this problem is to hire an international moving company and retire abroad. more
4 Ways to Prepare for a Winter Move, Rochester, New York
Moving in the winter presents some unique challenges. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wait to schedule work with movers. On the day of your appointment, here are a more
3 Tips for Relocating Your Business, Rochester, New York
Moving offices is a time-consuming project, and you’ll need to plan it carefully to ensure minimal disruption to your business. A reliable moving company will take care of more
4 Tips for a Temporary Move, Rochester, New York
If you’ve sold your home, but your new place isn’t ready to move into, you’ll need to arrange for a temporary stay. Instead of dealing with two full moves, you’ll probably more
3 Tips for Packing Fragile Items, Rochester, New York
When you’re trying to prepare for a moving company to come and help you transport your belongings to your new home, one of the toughest challenges is figuring out how to more
3 Ways to Help a Loved One Move Into Assisted Living, Rochester, New York
Moving your loved one into an assisted living facility can be an emotional and stressful time. The enormous task of packing up their home and downsizing their possessions for more
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