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Why Should You Rap Battle?, Oak Park, Illinois
Rap battles have been popular since the 1960s when Muhammad Ali began his famous tradition of rhythmic trash talking before and after fights. Today, this technically inventive style of rapping has spread around the world. And for those more
How to Prepare for a Rap Battle in 3 Steps, Oak Park, Illinois
If you’re a fan of rap music, you might have envisioned participating in a freestyle battle. Thanks to Chicago’s BattleYou, this doesn’t have to remain a fantasy—you can experience the rush through an online competition! While you might more
Chicago, IL Nightlife and Music Businesses
BattleYou, Social Networking, Music Management, Musicians & Bands, Warsaw, Indiana
(574) 306-6701
The digital age allows many creative minds to come together and share their art from all over the world. When you are an upcoming musician you want your music heard on a global level.  At BattleYou serving Chicago, IL, that dre...
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The Breakdown for BattleMe, Oak Park, Illinois
THE BREAKDOWN The first month of Premium Membership is free when you sign up under Premium Membership during registration!   MEMBERSHIP  * Fan - If you are not an more
3 Criteria You’ll Be Judged on In a Rap Battle , Oak Park, Illinois
Getting ready for a rap battle not only requires the ability to think on one’s feet, but it also calls for a great amount of preparation. Other than writing memorable lyrics and more
3 Tips to Develop a Fun & Unique Persona for Rap Battles, Oak Park, Illinois
Although the ability to think on your feet is an important element of rap battles, choosing the right personality could make all the difference in whether you win the competition. more
How to Write Creative & Show-Stopping Rap Battle Lyrics, Oak Park, Illinois
Rap battles differ from the rap music you hear on the radio. Competitors often need to create hard-hitting lyrics on the spot, and most of their bars need to be targeted at a more
4 Tips to Improve Your Rap Battle Skills, Oak Park, Illinois
Hip-hop is an incredibly popular genre of music that continues to flourish. Aspiring rappers with a passion for lyrics and word flow pop up all over the world on a daily more
A Brief Rap Battle Guide for Beginners, Oak Park, Illinois
Participating in rap battles is a great way for artists to test their skills while learning how to captivate an audience. Although each rapper’s style is different, there are a more
What to Know Before Competing in a Rap Battle, Oak Park, Illinois
Part of becoming a better rapper is learning how to participate in rap battles—a competition where two rappers try to come up with the best freestyle lyrics. Whoever has the best more
How to Win a Freestyle Rap Battle, Oak Park, Illinois
Winning a freestyle rap battle isn’t just a matter of dropping the best rhymes. The clear winner is usually the rapper with the best combination of lyrics, delivery, and crowd more
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