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Your Guide to Buying an Exotic Pet, Lincoln, Nebraska
Not everyone is a dog or cat person. Luckily, there are a variety of pet options to choose from for those who might be looking for something lower-maintenance or less tactile. The guide below explores some exotic pets your family more
A Beginner's Guide to Chameleon Care, Lincoln, Nebraska
Chameleons are relatives of iguanas that have curled tails and color-changing skin. These exotic pets require an advanced care taker and a reptile veterinarian to ensure they’re in top shape and have a great quality of life.& more
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A-4 Animal Hospital, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Animal Hospitals, Lincoln, Nebraska
2780 South St.
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 475-2282
When searching for a veterinarian for your pet, you want someone who is compassionate and dedicated to their job. A-4 Animal Hospital serves pet owners in the Lincoln, NE, area with their expertise in birds, exotic animals, cats, and dog...
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How to Care for Wrinkly Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
Veterinarians can attest that pugs, bulldogs, Shar-Peis, and other dogs with skin folds have special needs when it comes to their daily care. Because of the way their wrinkles trap more
3 Common Causes of Hot Spots on Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
A hot spot (moist dermatitis) is a skin condition commonly diagnosed in dogs. They’re inflamed lesions that may appear on your furry friend’s hips, head, or more
Getting a Pet Snake? How to Prepare, Lincoln, Nebraska
Snakes have unique personalities and are relatively easy to take care of, which makes them great pets for almost any household. While they may not require as much attention as dogs more
3 Main Health Issues of Flat-Faced Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dogs with flat faces may be adorable, but they are also vulnerable to a variety of health concerns. Also known as brachycephalic dogs, these canines are known for their short more
What You Need to Know About Heartworm Disease, Lincoln, Nebraska
Taking care of your pet’s physical well-being is just as important as their overall happiness. Pet parents often consider their pet as a member of their family, and when they are more
4 Signs Your Chicken Is Sick, Lincoln, Nebraska
Chickens are a relatively hearty, low-maintenance pet that can live for several years without getting ill or injured. However, like any animal, they are susceptible to disease. It’s more
FAQ About Feline Upper Respiratory Infections, Lincoln, Nebraska
Like humans, cats are prone to a variety of serious illnesses, including upper respiratory infections. In your cat’s case, they would need to be seen by a veterinarian if more
A Nail Trimming Guide for Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
Along with a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise, and paying regular visits to the veterinarian, trimming your dog’s nails is another essential aspect of pet care. Long nails more
Understanding Grief in Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dogs are extremely sympathetic animals and provide comfort to humans by nature. When they lose a companion—whether it be one of their people or a fellow household pet—they more
What Should Dog Owners Know About Canine Diabetes?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Just as with humans, dogs require ample physical activity and a nutritious diet to stay healthy and reduce the risk of disease. In particular, obesity caused by a sedentary more
How Does Chocolate Affect Dogs?, Lincoln, Nebraska
As a dog owner, you’ve probably heard that chocolate is bad for your canine companion and that you should do everything you can to keep them away from the sweet treat. Although more
Should You Have Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned?, Lincoln, Nebraska
You want your dog to live a long and comfortable life. In addition to keeping them vaccinated and at a healthy weight, oral hygiene plays a significant role in their well-being, more
3 Reptiles That Make Good Pets, Lincoln, Nebraska
Interested in having a reptile as a pet? Exotic animal care is often more involved than owning a cat or dog—especially because you will need to find a veterinarian skilled in more
What to Do About Your Cat’s Hairballs, Lincoln, Nebraska
Hairballs are formed when cats groom themselves. Their tongues have hook-like features that trap loose hair much like a hairbrush. In the process, they end up swallowing much more
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