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What is Dental Fluorosis?, Bethel, Ohio
If your child has started brushing their teeth, their dental routine might include visiting the dentist biannually and using fluoride toothpaste. While fluoride protects the enamel and prevents tooth decay, it can lead to more
How Can Flying Give Me A Toothache?, Bethel, Ohio
Changes in air pressure can adversely affect your body while flying. Apart from earaches, tooth and mouth pain are common consequences of prolonged air travel. If you travel frequently and experience this discomfort, consult your more
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Bethel Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentists, Dentists, Bethel, Ohio
420 W Plane St.
Bethel, OH 45106-1312
The friendly team at Bethel Family Dentistry wants to put a smile on every patient’s face. If you’re looking for professional oral care that puts you at ease in the dental chair, look no further than the top family dentist in Bethel, OH....
Middleton , Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Services, Granville, Ohio
1500 Weaver Dr.
Granville, OH 43023
Finding a safe and friendly space for your elderly loved ones to call home can be reassuring for the entire family. Not every senior has the same needs, however, and it’s important to choose the right elderly care option. Middleton Senio...
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What To Do When Your Child Has Halitosis, Bethel, Ohio
Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, can be concerning for children. It can diminish their self-esteem, may suggest something is wrong with their oral hygiene or health, and can be more
What Everyone Should Know About Cavities, Bethel, Ohio
Cavities—or small decayed pockets in teeth—are the most common dental health problem among both kids and adults. But while this issue is prevalent, it’s still incredibly more
Your Dentist's Guide to X-Rays, Bethel, Ohio
Because we have enjoyed the benefits of x-ray technology for more than 100 years, you may have never stopped to think about the history and uses of this technology. In honor of more
Oral Hygiene & Your Kids: A Guide for Every Stage of Childhood, Bethel, Ohio
Your child’s oral hygiene practices affect their oral health in adulthood, and as their parent, you play a crucial role in their dental care. Beyond choosing their dentist and more
3 Of the Best Foods for Your Oral Health, Bethel, Ohio
Brushing and flossing are vital in maintaining healthy teeth, but what you eat has a severe impact on your oral health. While many sweet treats can harm your teeth, some foods& more
3 Tips for Preventing Coffee Stains on Teeth, Bethel, Ohio
With its bold flavor and natural energy boost, coffee is the preferred way to start the day for people around the world. But coffee can, unfortunately, be hard on your teeth; it more
3 Ways to Prepare for a Root Canal, Bethel, Ohio
If that toothache you’ve had requires a root canal, you may have a few questions and concerns about the procedure. Root canals allow dentists to remove decaying tissue and save more
4 FAQs About Gum Disease, Bethel, Ohio
Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, causes inflammation to the tissue and affects 64.7 million Americans. When left untreated, this condition can lead to chewing problems, more
5 Tips to Relieve Tooth Sensitivity, Bethel, Ohio
Tooth pain and sensitivity is a common problem, but it can still be distracting and unpleasant. Minimizing it can be as simple as finding the right toothpaste, or it may take the more
Thumb Sucking & Your Child's Oral Health, Bethel, Ohio
When a baby or small child likes to suck their thumb, at first, it can seem like a blessing. After all, they don’t need a pacifier, and they may self-soothe quite easily. more
3 Tips to Prevent Dry Mouth While Sleeping, Bethel, Ohio
Have you ever woken up with a dry, sticky feeling in your mouth? Dry mouth is something many people experience, and while it may seem like a quick sip of water can resolve the issue, more
How Do Dental Sealants Work?, Bethel, Ohio
Decay-causing bacteria relentless attack your teeth, and sometimes brushing and flossing aren’t enough to keep them at bay. The chewing surfaces of your teeth can be difficult to more
4 Components of a Biannual Dental Exam, Bethel, Ohio
Dentists recommend undergoing a dental exam at least twice a year. Exams are crucial for maintaining optimum oral health, as well as helping your dental care team identify any more
Why Expectant Mothers Should Prioritize Oral Health, Bethel, Ohio
When you’re expecting, maintaining excellent health is essential to your baby’s development. In addition to caring for your physical and mental well-being, visit your family more
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