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How to Handle Orthodontic Emergencies, Potomac, Maryland
If you have braces, Invisalign®, or another corrective treatment on your teeth, it's critical to know which steps to take during an orthodontic emergency. It's also important to be aware of what constitutes emergency more
3 Reasons You’re Never Too Old for Braces, Potomac, Maryland
Braces and related products are the best way to correct your smile, but past a certain age, many people believe that it’s too late. Whether you’re self-conscious or unsure of treatment options, there is a variety of choices, and the more
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Rad Orthodontics, Invisalign, Orthodontist, Orthodontists, Potomac, Maryland
10122 River Rd. #210
Potomac, MD 20854
(301) 299-3993
If you're feeling self-conscious about your smile, your lack of confidence may be holding you back in your daily life. At Rad Orthodontics, brothers Dr. David Rad and Dr. Mehdy Rad share a passion for helping you achieve a beautiful...
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3 Tips for Avoiding Orthodontic Emergencies, Potomac, Maryland
Braces are an excellent way to perfect a smile, but with all of the equipment involved, they introduce the opportunity for injuries. The orthodontic staff at Rad Orthodontics in more
Guide to the Invisalign® Treatment Process, Potomac, Maryland
While having straighter teeth is a goal for many adults, the long process and look of traditional braces isn’t necessarily a welcome experience for most. For this reason, Rad more
Are Adult Braces Right for Me?, Potomac, Maryland
When you think of someone who wears braces, you probably picture a teenager. But as orthodontics grows more advanced and options expand, adult braces have become more common. Rad more
Ask an Orthodontist: Is Invisalign® Right for Me?, Potomac, Maryland
Orthodontic treatments can be difficult to deal with at any age. Braces in particular can be uncomfortable and lower self-confidence, which is why Invisalign® has become so popular. more
Why Do So Many Adults Choose Invisalign® at Rad Orthodontics?, Potomac, Maryland
Rad Orthodontics treats almost as many adults as we do children and teens.  We all want a straight and confident smile, no matter our age.   According to& more
How Invisalign® Works & 3 Benefits to Using This Method, Potomac, Maryland
Damaged or crooked teeth can damage your self-confidence. Even simple things, like looking in the mirror or smiling for a picture, can feel uncomfortable. You want to more
3 Reasons Adult Braces Have Become Increasingly Popular, Potomac, Maryland
Braces are no longer solely for correcting the smiles of children and teenagers. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, adult braces have become an increasingly popular more
What Is Invisalign® & How Can It Help?, Potomac, Maryland
When it comes to adult orthodontics, the most common image that comes to mind likely involves traditional metal braces. As beneficial as they may be, the stigma attached to their more
Invisalign® Vs. Braces: Which Is Right for You?, Potomac, Maryland
Achieving a beautifully straight smile can contribute to your self-confidence and general satisfaction with your appearance. That’s why so many dental patients seek the assistance more
4 Types of Food to Avoid if You Wear Braces , Potomac, Maryland
The care and maintenance of your braces both require a bit of time and attention, but you can protect your orthodontic investment with some basic know-how. Let the professional more
How to Safely & Effectively Clean Your Retainer, Potomac, Maryland
Stinky Retainer?  Clean it! Whether you have braces or Invisalign®, you’ll need to wear a retainer to maintain your new smile.  Your retainer helps to keep more
3 Signs You Need an Orthodontist, Potomac, Maryland
The field of orthodontics is slightly different from general dentistry. While you don’t visit the orthodontist for teeth cleanings or to get your cavities filled, visiting an more
3 Tips for Maintaining Oral Health After Getting Braces, Potomac, Maryland
Maintaining oral hygiene after getting braces is actually fairly easy once you get the hang of it, but as with changing any habits, there is a brief adjustment period that can be more
What Exactly Does a Retainer Do, Anyway?, Potomac, Maryland
If you’ve ever had a close friend or family member who wore braces, you likely saw the retainer they had to wear after the braces were removed. But what exactly does a retainer do? more
Improve Your Smile With Treatment Options From Orthodontists, Potomac, Maryland
Do you want to greet the world with a straighter, more beautiful smile? Rad Orthodontics offers a variety of effective treatment options to align your set of pearly whites. Serving more
Braces Care Tips for Teens From Potomac's Favorite Orthodontist, Potomac, Maryland
Your teenage years are full of twists and turns. They’re full of fun and excitement, growth and learning, and feeling fabulous but also, sometimes feeling self-conscious. At more
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