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A Guide to Swelling of the Neck, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether it is a lingering sore throat or the development of a tender area, swelling of the neck area is alarming if you don’t understand the cause. When dealing with glandular or node problems of the neck, a throat doctor more
What to Know About Hearing Testing, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’ve noticed your hearing decreasing over time, you might wonder if you’re a viable candidate for a fitted aid. Before your doctor can prescribe one, though, you’ll need to undergo hearing testing. During this exam, your doctor more
Witherbee, NE Health and Beauty Businesses
Lincoln Surgical Group PC, Medical Clinics, Vascular Surgeon, General Surgeon, Lincoln, Nebraska
4740 A St, Ste 100
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 483-7825
Finding out you need to have a surgical procedure can be stressful and scary. You deserve to work with a surgeon who will explain in detail how your specific surgery will go and who will treat you and your loved ones with respect and com...
Keep 'Em Home Personal Care Services, LLC, Elder Care, Senior Services, Home Health Care, Lincoln, Nebraska
4435 O Street, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 937-7000
The transition to senior care marks a major change in life and, understandably, the move requires careful consideration. With compassion and respect, the caring staff at Keep ‘Em Home Personal Care Services in Lincoln, NE, keeps sen...
Ear Nose & Throat Specialties PC, Allergies & Immunology, Ear Nose and Throat Doctor, Audiologists & Hearing, Lincoln, Nebraska
5055 A Street, Suite 300
Lincoln, NE 68510
Ear Nose & Throat Specialties PC is Lincoln NE’s largest Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) practice and provides comprehensive ENT services to patients of all ages. Since 1991, their privately owned and operated practice has grown to include...
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A Patient's Guide to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cramping, abdominal pain, and irregular bowel movements can be signs of inflammatory bowel disease. This disorder presents many challenges, which is why you should schedule a more
How Diabetes Affects Feet, Lincoln, Nebraska
Diabetes causes changes not only to your blood but also to your entire body. Without proper control of your blood sugar levels, complications will occur, possibly affecting more
3 Common Types of Allergies, Lincoln, Nebraska
An allergy is a hypersensitive immune response to a foreign substance. Reactions can vary wildly in severity, from slight congestion and watery eyes to respiratory problems and more
3 Types of Eardrum Repair Surgeries, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your eardrums play an integral role in capturing and transferring sounds to your brain. Over time, prolonged exposure to high decibels, infections, and trauma can cause significant more
3 Reasons to Get a Colonoscopy, Lincoln, Nebraska
Colonoscopies may sound intimidating but their benefits make them well worth the effort and discomfort. Defined as inserting a long fiber-optic instrument known as a more
How to Care for a Child's Ears, Lincoln, Nebraska
It’s easy to overlook your children’s ears, especially if they rarely get earaches or infections. Ear doctors often remind parents that even the healthiest ears require more
Do Q-Tips® Really Harm Your Ears?, Lincoln, Nebraska
For many people, cleaning their ears with a cotton swab (or Q-tip®) is just a normal part of their routine. However, this method of earwax removal isn't recommended more
How to Perform a Breast Self-Exam, Lincoln, Nebraska
Roughly 12% of American women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Because of the prevalence of this issue, doctors, surgeons, and women’s health advocates encourage more
How Are Hearing & Memory Loss Related?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Research shows that as many as one in three Americans has at least partial hearing loss. In some cases, people accept it as a natural consequence of getting older. However, more
3 Signs You Have a Hernia, Lincoln, Nebraska
Hernias are areas of the body where the intestines push through muscles or other weak spots due to physical strain or muscle weakness. Since the intestines contain harmful more
A Brief Guide to Tonsillitis, Lincoln, Nebraska
As a parent, you want to do everything possible to keep your child healthy and safe. Part of that means understanding common illnesses they might develop so that you can get them more
What Is a Hernia?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Hernias are a common health issue that many people will experience. They won’t resolve themselves, which is why it’s important to recognize the symptoms. Knowing when to seek care more
What Is a Deviated Septum & How Is It Treated?, Lincoln, Nebraska
The septum, which is made up of bone and cartilage, is the thin wall between the nasal passages. When it becomes displaced, a deviated septum occurs. This makes one side of the more
What You Need to Know About SINUVA® Sinus Implant, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’re struggling with consistent congestion and obstructions in your nose, you’re likely looking for a remedy. SINUVA® implants can help alleviate many of your sinus issues. more
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