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A Guide to Cat Vaccinations, Clarksville, Maryland
Following your vet’s recommended pet vaccine schedule for your cat or kitten is paramount to the health of your pet. Learning about the vaccinations needed will help you understand why they’re important and ensure that your cat gets all more
4 Pharmacy Medications That Can Increase Fall Risk In Seniors , Clarksville, Maryland
Many seniors rely on their local pharmacy for medications used to treat and manage conditions ranging from depression to dementia and chronic pain. Unfortunately, most drugs have some risk of adverse side effects. With more
Baltimore, MD Health and Beauty Businesses
Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Emergency Vets, Columbia, Maryland
7276 Cradlerock Way
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 995-6880
Offering comprehensive pet care and boarding services, Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia is the veterinarian of choice in Columbia, MD. For more than 30 years, their professionals have been serving the Columbia areas and are&n...
Medical Eye Center, Cosmetic Surgery, Optometrists, Eye Exams, Columbia, Maryland
8860 Columbia 100 Pkwy, # 101
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 997-9900
At Columbia, MD’s best ophthalmologist practice, they believe your eyes are the window to your health and well-being. By focusing on preventing, detecting, and treating an array of ocular problems, the experienced doctors at Medical Eye ...
Columbia Hickory Pharmacy, AIDS & HIV Specialists, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacies, Columbia, Maryland
10805 Hickory Ridge Rd
Columbia, MD 21044
From refilling prescriptions to answering questions on medication, a local pharmacy is an integral part of every community’s healthcare system. Columbia Hickory Pharmacy in Columbia, MD, knows how important it is to offer locally oriente...
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3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes During Home Improvement Projects, Ellicott City, Maryland
If you know your way around a toolbox and have a knack for completing home improvement projects on your own, you know how important it is to stay safe while you’re hard at work. In more
Why Is My Cat Missing the Litter Box?, Clarksville, Maryland
Cats are naturally fastidious creatures, which is just one of the reasons they make such fantastic pets. Not only do they groom themselves, but most will use a litter box with more
3 Tips for Helping Seniors Manage Their Medication, Clarksville, Maryland
If your senior parent takes an important medication or has several prescriptions to keep track of, there are a few things you can do to help them stay organized after more
What Is a Stye?, Ellicott City, Maryland
Sometimes, bacteria in contact lenses can cause a localized infection of the eye. This is called a hordeolum, or “stye,” and appears as a red bump. more
3 Ways Gymnastics Makes Athletes Better at Other Sports, Savage, Maryland
How athletes train during the offseason can affect their performance on the field or court come game time. That’s why many athletes incorporate gymnastics into their regular workout more
A Guide to Paw Chafing , Clarksville, Maryland
Unlike humans, dogs can’t protect their feet with shoes when walking on different types of surfaces. Injured paw pads tend to heal quickly, but they can develop painful chafing and more
3 Tips for Being a Supportive Gymnastics Parent, Savage, Maryland
As the parent of any athlete will tell you, there’s nothing quite like the pride that comes from watching your child work hard at their favorite sport.  At the same time, it’s more
Do's & Don'ts for Managing Seasonal Allergies, Clarksville, Maryland
Living with seasonal allergies is no picnic. While most people look forward to blooming flowers and lush lawns as spring nears, those with allergies dread the warmer more
3 Ways Eye Doctors Recommend Protecting Eyes from Fireworks, Ellicott City, Maryland
Every year, eye doctors across the country see a spike in eye injuries around the Fourth of July. Eye injuries make up 19% of firework-related injuries and can cause anything from more
3 Steps for Treating a Cut on Your Dog's Paw Pad, Clarksville, Maryland
One of the most common veterinary care issues that arise with dogs is a sore or cut on a pup's paw pad. A dog’s paw pads are thick, rubbery, and rough-skinned more
4 FAQ About Cholesterol, Clarksville, Maryland
Cholesterol is naturally produced in the body, and it’s also essential in the formation of cell membranes and vital hormones. If your doctor has discussed high cholesterol with you, more
A Guide to Understanding Ocular Migraines, Ellicott City, Maryland
Ocular migraines are described as temporary visual disturbances, which can occur with or without the pain of a migraine headache. If you suspect you have this rare condition, your more
Why Do Cats Get Hairballs?, Clarksville, Maryland
If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’re probably well aware of hairballs. Cats regurgitate hairballs as a result of their grooming practice, so they’re very common. Usually, there is no more
What Causes Eczema?, Clarksville, Maryland
Eczema results in itchy, inflamed, and red skin. It is a common medical condition that looks like a dry, thickened, scaly, or patchy rash. If you believe you have this more
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