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3 Benefits of Dry Needling, Dothan, Alabama
When it comes to pain management, dry needling is a treatment that’s becoming more popular among health care professionals, including physical therapists. Similar to acupuncture, dry needling targets specific trigger points, more
5 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath, Headland, Alabama
Most people will experience bad breath occasionally, such as in the morning or after eating raw onions, but when it persists or you don’t know its cause, it can be distressing. While some breath issues are simply caused by dry mouth, more
Ozark, AL Health and Beauty Businesses
Physical Therapy Specialists, Pain Management, Rehabilitation Programs, Physical Therapy, Dothan, Alabama
3118 Ross Clark Cir
Dothan, AL 36303
(334) 673-2422
When you’ve been injured, the last thing you want is to spend years in pain trying to recover. Luckily, for those in Dothan, AL, the professionals at Physical Therapy Specialists are here to streamline that process. With o...
Daleville Dental LLC, Dental Implants, Dentists, Cosmetic Dentistry, Daleville, Alabama
526 N Daleville Ave.
Daleville, AL 36322
(334) 598-4994
Choosing an affordable family dentist in Daleville, AL, who provides a variety of services to promote your oral health is easy when you rely on Daleville Dental LLC. These dentistry experts know that every mouth is different, which is wh...
Southern Clinic, P.C. , Doctors, Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine Doctors, Dothan, Alabama
201 Doctors Dr
Dothan, AL 36301
The physicians at Southern Clinic, P.C. have been proudly serving the residents of Dothan, AL and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. The mid-size practice is comprised of 10 physicians and six nurse practitioners, as well as a dedi...
Stanley R McCardle DMD | Family Dentistry, Dentists, Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentists, Headland, Alabama
812 Mitchell St
Headland, AL 36345
(334) 693-2112
From routine teeth cleanings to root canals, Stanley R McCardle DMD | Family Dentistry is the place to go when your smile needs tended to. Specializing in general and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages, their Headland, AL, ...
William B. Collier Jr., DMD, Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentists, Dentists, Enterprise, Alabama
442 Glover Avenue
Enterprise, AL 36330
(334) 347-5026
Meticulously performed general and cosmetic dentistry procedures shouldn’t have to leave a significant dent on your pocket. This is why Enterprise, AL’s premier dentist, William B. Collier Jr., DMD, has committed himself to offering affo...
Women's HealthCare Of Dothan, P.C., Women's Health Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Obgyn, Dothan, Alabama
4300 W Main St, #31
Dothan, AL 36305
(334) 793-6511
When it comes to women’s health, choosing the right healthcare provider can be overwhelming. At Women's HealthCare Of Dothan PC, the premier OB-GYN clinic in Dothan, Alabama, all of the doctors are committed to providing personal, high-q...
Enterprise Therapy Center, Pain Management, Rehabilitation Programs, Physical Therapy, Enterprise, Alabama
100 Professional Ln, Suite B
Enterprise, AL 36330
(334) 393-7500
We’re so used to our body moving almost autonomously that when that freedom is taken away from us, we’re unsure how to react or what to do next. If you’ve been involved in a serious accident that has left you injured and physically incap...
Southeast Cardiology Clinic Inc., Doctors, Cardiology, Dothan, Alabama
1150 Ross Clark Cir
Dothan, AL 36301
(334) 712-1929
When caring for one’s overall well-being, heart health should remain at the forefront of overall wellness. The team of experienced cardiologists at Southeast Cardiology Clinic in Dothan, AL, recognizes the vital importance of this area o...
Daleville Animal Hospital , Veterinarians, Veterinary Services, Emergency Vets, Daleville, Alabama
(334) 598-1117
Your pets are a part of your family, and at Daleville Animal Hospital, that’s exactly how they’re treated. Conveniently located on Troy Edmundson Road in Daleville, AL, Daleville Animal hospital is a veterinary clinic that provides ...
Premier Cardiology Consultants, Doctors, Vascular Surgeon, Cardiology, Dothan, Alabama
1118 Ross Clark Cir
Dothan, AL 36301
(334) 699-6396
Heart issues are a potential problem for anyone, which is why taking advantage of screenings from an experienced cardiologist is important to your health. At Premier Cardiology Consultants in Cowarts, AL, patients will receive quality he...
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What You Need to Know About Red Wine & Heart Health, Dothan, Alabama
In moderation, red wine is thought to be beneficial for cardiac health, increasing levels of good cholesterol in the body and helping prevent heart attacks. But what is it about red more
How Gum Disease Affects Your Overall Health, Daleville, Alabama
Half of all Americans have gum disease to some extent. From tooth decay and gum recession to loose teeth, there are many gum disease-related issues that dentists see more
3 Foods That May Lower Your Blood Pressure, Dothan, Alabama
High blood pressure is a common condition in the United States, but it’s one that can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to visiting a doctor and more
A Quick Guide to Toothbrush Care, Enterprise, Alabama
Daily teeth cleaning controls the amount of plaque and bacteria in your mouth to prevent issues such as tooth decay, gum recession, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. It more
4 FAQ About Aquatic Therapy, Enterprise, Alabama
When thinking of rehabilitation, traditional physical therapy is often one of the first solutions that come to mind. In reality, there are many different types of more
3 Reasons to Never Ignore a Toothache, Headland, Alabama
A random toothache often doesn't seem like cause for concern. In many cases, there’s nothing wrong. In others, however, it can be a side effect of a more serious oral health issues. more
3 Tips to Improve Your Posture, Dothan, Alabama
If you sit behind a computer all day or spend hours standing behind a counter, it can be easy to slouch as you get busy with work. Unfortunately, poor posture can lead to back pain& more
5 Ways Your Tongue May Be Talking About Your Health, Daleville, Alabama
While it’s not always appropriate to stick out your tongue, doing so at home can be a good way to get a closer look at your overall health. In addition to helping you taste more
How Teeth Whitening & Toothpaste Products Affect Sensitivity, Headland, Alabama
If you’re looking for that Hollywood-bright smile, professional teeth whitening is an excellent choice. Your dentist can help you get results, but people with sensitive teeth and more
5 Ways to Decrease Stress & Anxiety, Dothan, Alabama
Between work, family, friends, and social commitments, stress and anxiety are common emotions for most Americans. Over time, high stress levels can have negative health effects, more
3 Tips to Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist, Enterprise, Alabama
It’s not uncommon for children to be afraid of visiting the dentist’s office. If you don’t address the situation, however, it can lead to a lifetime of poor oral care. Luckily, more
What Pregnant Women Should Know About High Blood Pressure, Dothan, Alabama
It’s estimated that up to 8% of pregnant women in the U.S. are affected by high blood pressure — a condition that occurs when blood pushes too hard within arteries, placing more
How Physical Therapy Can Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy, Dothan, Alabama
One of the most common side effects of pregnancy is back pain. Gaining the weight that naturally comes with carrying a baby can lead to excess strain on the lower back and spine, more
What Type of Dentures Are Best for You? , Daleville, Alabama
If you’ve lost some or all of your natural teeth or need to have them extracted due to decay or damage, your dentist might recommend dentures. Dentures look and function like more
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