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4 Types of Contact Lenses, Elko, Nevada
When you need to correct your vision, you can choose between prescription glasses or contact lenses. Contacts are a popular choice because they’re versatile and less noticeable. However, when getting them, you will have more
How to Care for Prescription Glasses, Elko, Nevada
Prescription glasses correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism so that you can see clearly. Since designer frames can be expensive, and you should take of yours so that they last a long time and don’t more
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Matthew H. Lipparelli, O.D., Optometrists, Eye Doctors, Eye Care, Elko, Nevada
462 Idaho St
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 753-5353
If you’re on the hunt for an eye doctor to provide quality vision care for you and your entire family, look no further than the office of Matthew H. Lipparelli, O.D. Located in Elko, NV, this optometrist and his staff have provided patie...
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A Guide to Retinal Tears, Elko, Nevada
The human eye is a complex system that captures and processes images, and it ends with the retina. This area at the back of the eye sends images through the optic nerve to the brain more
3 Types of Eye Tests & Why Doctors Use Them, Elko, Nevada
Regular eye exams are essential to the health and wellness for people of all ages. Eye tests are one component of exams, and they do everything from determining the strength of your more
A Guide to Astigmatism, Elko, Nevada
If an eye doctor has told you that you have astigmatism, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, one in three people in the more
A Guide to Eye Care for People With Diabetes, Elko, Nevada
Diabetes comes with several secondary health risks—including vision problems. With proper eye care, though, it may be possible to mitigate this risk, thereby preserving your sight more
A Guide to Glasses Headaches, Elko, Nevada
Have you recently purchased a new pair of glasses? While this can bring about many positive changes—including better vision and a stylish new look—you might also experience more
A Guide to Spring Eye Care for Those With Allergies, Elko, Nevada
Over 50 million people experience allergies annually in the U.S. alone. Springtime can be especially hard on the sinuses since there is often an abundance of pollen, dust, and pet more
An Introduction to Transition Contact Lenses, Elko, Nevada
Many people who require corrective vision aids prefer contact lenses over glasses. They offer a more subtle appearance and make activities like sports easier since they are not as more
3 Health Tips for Those Who Wear Contact Lenses, Elko, Nevada
Whether you’re playing sports or driving to work, contact lenses can make daily life easier. However, since they require you to touch your cornea every day, they can also more
How Digital Screens Can Harm Your Eyes, Elko, Nevada
Digital devices are a ubiquitous feature of modern life and many of us spend hours every day looking at computer monitors and cell phone screens. While the radiation emitted by more
Eye Care for Seniors: What You Should Know as You Age, Elko, Nevada
It’s easy to overlook routine eye care, especially if you've always had perfect vision. For those who live long enough, though, corrective eyewear is all but guaranteed. Nearly more
Why You Should Wear Sunglasses in the Winter, Elko, Nevada
When you think of protecting your eyes against the sun, visions of hot, summer days likely come to mind. However, many optometrists are now warning about the dangers of exposure to more
3 Tips for Getting Your Child to Wear Their Glasses, Elko, Nevada
The ability to see clearly plays a key role in children’s development and learning. Thus, if the optometrist has decided your child needs glasses, it’s important to make sure they more
3 Eye Issues That Require Immediate Medical Attention, Elko, Nevada
Without prompt medical treatment, eye injuries and sudden illnesses can have serious long-term consequences, including permanent vision loss. In these situations, a trained eye more
How DIY Enthusiasts Can Protect Their Eyes, Elko, Nevada
DIY projects can be a cost-effective way of improving the house, but they can also present dangers. Even relatively simple jobs involve the risk of debris, glass shards, or dust more
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