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How Can I Avoid Back Pain When Golfing?, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Golfers know there’s nothing quite like the open expanse of fresh-cut grass on a clear day. However, if there’s anything that might get in the way of a blissful game, it’s back pain. To avoid the discomfort and a potential chronic more
3 Tips for Avoiding Lower Back Pain While Sitting, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
When you’re hard at work throughout the day, you might be focused most on urgent conference calls and end-of-day deadlines—not your posture. However, the way you sit down at work could be causing your lower back pain. If you’re more
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Yoga by Blisstopia, Fitness Classes, Yoga Classes, Yoga Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota
10611 Baltimore St NE , #140
Minneapolis, MN 55449
(763) 432-3242
Balance your mind and your body at Yoga by Blisstopia in Blaine, MN. Born out of a love for training and teaching, this locally owned yoga studio is proud to offer inspirational and passionate classes. Owner and certified instructor Lana...
iSpine Pain Physicians, Doctors, Pain Management, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
11850 Blackfoot St NW, Ste 490
Coon Rapids, MN 55433
(763) 201-8191
If you’re suffering from a painful spine or extremity disorders, the specialists at iSpine Pain Physicians will help you find relief and reclaim your life. Serving residents of the Twin Cities-area at five convenient locations,...
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3 Exercises You Can Do Discreetly , Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Strengthening your core, legs, neck and shoulders is crucial to chronic pain relief and protecting your body. However, there may be times when you’re around others and feel more
A Guide to Chronic Pain Management & Sleep, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Whether you’re dealing with migraines or lower backaches, chronic pain management can be a true challenge. When you’re trying to fall asleep, it might even seem unmanageable. Use more
What Are Joint Injections?, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
From hip to shoulder pain, achy joints can be uncomfortable nuisances. If your discomfort is persistent, your specialist might recommend injections. This minimally invasive more
How to Avoid Back Pain as a Senior, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
From grandchildren to retirement, there are numerous pleasures of becoming a senior citizen. However, back pain is certainly not one of them. If you’re hoping to minimize your more
What Does It Mean to Dislocate Your Shoulder?, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
One of the most jarring types of shoulder pain occurs when the joint is dislocated. If you’re dealing with this musculoskeletal ailment, your arm bone has essentially popped out of more
How to Find a Mattress to Minimize Chronic Back Pain, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Climbing into bed at night can be relaxing, but for people with chronic back pain, this isn’t always the case. In fact, lying still for hours on end might aggravate your more
Ear to Shoulder Yoga Pose - How to Help Alleviate Neck Pain , Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Ear to Shoulder Yoga Pose – How to Help Alleviate Neck Pain The ear to shoulder pose is a basic yoga pose to help stretch the muscles in your neck and shoulders, which can be done more
3 Tips for Preventing Back Pain When Lifting Luggage, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
From an industry conference to your tropical getaway, you’ll need to pack a number of items to ensure you’re comfortable far from home. Unfortunately, this may translate to a heavy more
3 Ways to Cope With Chronic Pain, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
When you trip over a rock and feel a sharp, shooting sensation in your ankle, you’re dealing with acute pain. In this case, your nerves recognize the physical harm and send a more
What Are Bursa Injections?, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Like the oil in a car’s engine, your muscles and bones rely on lubricating elements to avoid friction and subsequent damage. In the body, this function takes form as bursa—small, more
3 Smart Ways to Protect Your Knees, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Whether you’re bending down to play with the kids or jumping for that slam dunk, knee pain can be frustrating. Luckily, there are ways to find chronic pain relief. Here are a few more
What to Eat if You're Dealing With Back Pain, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
If you’re experiencing back pain, there are multiple ways to tackle the issue. For example, did you know that you could minimize the discomfort by altering your diet? If you’re more
You Are What You Eat! , Coon Rapids, Minnesota
You are what you eat!                        5 Foods That Help Fight Inflammation Here, fishy, fishy… Fish are more
What You Should Know About Back Pain, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
For some people, it comes on suddenly—they simply wake up one morning with an unfamiliar pang. For others, back pain builds slowly over time due to issues like repetitive more
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