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5 Ways to Withdraw Cash From Your Corporation While Avoiding Dividend Treatment, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dividends paid out by corporations are taxable to shareholders and can’t be deducted by the corporation.  But there are ways to get cash out of your corporation without dividend treatment.  Here are the five ideas. read more
The Key to Retirement Secuity Is Picking The Right Plan for Your Business, Mountain Home, Arkansas
There are many retirement plan options for small business owners and their employees.  Here’s a rundown of three of them. read more
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The Callen Accounting Group, PLLC, Accountants, Tax Return Preparation, Tax Preparation & Planning, Mountain Home, Arkansas
104 E. 1st St.
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Finding a full-service accounting firm that takes the time to give you personalized attention and guidance can be a daunting task. For individuals and businesses near the Mountain Home, AR, area, The Callen Accounting Group is the f...
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When Is the Best Time to Contribute to IRA Accounts?, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Contributing to an IRA (individual retirement account) allows you to invest and grow retirement funds tax-deferred until you make a withdrawal. Any money you put into a more
2019 Q4 Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers, Mountain Home, Arkansas
For businesses, fall means it’s time to begin year-end planning.  It’s also time to think about the fourth quarter 2019 filing deadlines. read more
The Tax Implications of a Company Car, Mountain Home, Arkansas
For many business owners, a company car is a sign they’ve achieved success.  Here are the basic tax breaks and tax implications involved in this fringe benefit. read more
Should You Elect S Corporation Status?, Mountain Home, Arkansas
One of the most popular business structures is the S corporation because of its liability protection and tax benefits.  Could it work for you?  Find out here. read more
5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your 401(k), Mountain Home, Arkansas
It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement and how you’ll manage financially without an income once you’ve stopped working. Regularly contributing to a 401(k) plan lets more
The IRS is Targeting Business Transactions in Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Is your small business accepting or suing bitcoin or other virtual currencies yet?  Familiarize yourself with the tax consequences, because the IRS is targeting users who fail more
What to Do If Your Business Receives a "No-Match" Letter, Mountain Home, Arkansas
If the names and Social Security numbers on your employees’ W-2 forms don’t match the government’s records, you may receive a “no-match letter.”  Here’s what these letters mean more
Take a Closer Look at Home Office Deductions, Mountain Home, Arkansas
If you run a business from your home or are otherwise self-employed and use part of your home for business purposes, the home office deduction may provide a valuable tax break. more
3 Common Payroll Mistakes for Individuals to Avoid, Mountain Home, Arkansas
As an employee, if you aren’t regularly monitoring your pay stubs and reviewing your earnings, withholdings for taxes and insurance, and retirement contributions, you more
Businesses Can Utilize The Same Information IRS Auditors Use to Examine Tax Returns, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Before conducting an audit, IRS examiners do their homework by reviewing “Audit Technique Guides.”  Business owners and executives can easily read the same guides. read more
What’s a Tax Extension?, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Tax extensions are given to individuals who can’t file their tax returns by the April 15 due date. Extensions give you and your accountant until October 15 to prepare an accurate more
It's a Good Time to Buy Business Equipment and Other Depreciable Property, Mountain Home, Arkansas
The Section 179 deduction and bonus depreciation for business assets have been increased and expanded.  Learn more about these valuable tax breaks. read more
Bartering: A Taxable Transaction Even If Your Business Exchanges No Cash, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Business owners have been engaging in bartering transactions for hundreds of years.  But if your company trades goods or services today, be aware there are tax consequences. read more
Divorcing Business Owners Need to Pay Attention to Tax Implications, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Like many major life events, divorce can have major tax implications.  And if you own a business, the stakes are higher. read more
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