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How to Prevent Clothes From Bleeding in the Laundry, Lithonia, Georgia
When in a rush to finish your laundry at the laundromat, you might forget to separate a new pair of jeans from the white garments. The dark dye from your new attire could bleed onto your other laundry, leaving the clothes tinted baby more
What Causes Clothes to Shrink in the Laundry?, Lithonia, Georgia
Doing laundry is usually a relatively straightforward task. But sometimes, as people finish washing and drying their clothes, they discover that some items have shrunk. Learning how to keep your clothes from shrinking while more
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Evans Mill Laundry, WiFi, Laundromats, Laundry Services, Lithonia, Georgia
2920 Evans Mill Rd.
Lithonia, GA 30038
(470) 236-1403
Whether it’s waiting for the good dryer to become available, a hopeless feeling of having nothing to do while you wait, or the limited ways to pay, choosing the right laundromat can become even more of a chore. Reclaim your time at Evans...
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Do’s & Don’ts of Using Fabric Softener, Lithonia, Georgia
Fabrics tend to tighten up after weeks of washing. Warm water can cause threads to contract and leave the material slightly misshapen. Thankfully, with a little more
4 Laundry Tips for Folding Clothes, Lithonia, Georgia
Many families do multiple loads of laundry every week. Utilizing laundry tips when folding your freshly washed clothing can save time and space. Here’s some advice to ensure more
3 Tips for Ironing Clothes, Lithonia, Georgia
Depending on what you wear, there’s more to doing your laundry than running it through the washer and dryer. Dress shirts, slacks, and many other articles of clothing should be more
4 Tips to Keep Your Laundry Smelling Fresh, Lithonia, Georgia
The smell of clean laundry doesn’t have to fade after you leave the laundromat. Taking steps at home will ensure that the smell lasts. Here are a few tips for maintaining a more
4 Tips to Keep Lint Off Your Clothes, Lithonia, Georgia
Lint can be a constant nuisance and detract from the appearance of your favorite outfit. As such, it’s important to take steps to keep it away. The next time you visit the more
4 Tips for Washing Sneakers, Lithonia, Georgia
Sneakers withstand a lot of use in all types of terrain. Because of that, they collect considerable dirt and grime. Also, frequent contact with sweaty feet can leave shoes with a more
How to Decide When to Use Fabric Softener, Lithonia, Georgia
While gathering garments for the laundromat, you might wonder whether to put fabric softener in the wash as well as detergent. The products penetrate fibers to remove wrinkles and more
How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding?, Lithonia, Georgia
A comfortable bed is important for getting adequate sleep. To keep it free of dust mites and other allergens, head to the laundromat and wash your bedding on a regular more
Why Allergy Sufferers Should Dry Clean Clothing, Lithonia, Georgia
If you experience frequent allergy symptoms, the condition of your clothing and bedding could be to blame. Allergens stick to the fibers, which is why dry cleaning should be more
3 Tips to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothing, Lithonia, Georgia
De-wrinkling is an important part of laundry care. It keeps your clothes looking pristine and preserves the fibers. Here are a few de-wrinkling methods to try on your everyday-wear more
3 Items to Never Put in the Washer, Lithonia, Georgia
Washing machines may seem like an end-all solution for all your filthy items. However, the force they generate to break down tough stains can create problems with some fabrics. more
3 Laundry Tips to Wash Your Jeans Without Fading  , Lithonia, Georgia
When you buy jeans, you probably select your favorite color out of the available choices. If you’re a fan of dark wash or black denim, follow these laundry tips to keep that more
5 Common Clothing Stains & How to Remove Them, Lithonia, Georgia
Life is messy, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw away your favorite clothes after they’re stained. With quick and appropriate action, you can remove most stains yourself. Use more
4 Tips to Prevent Your Clothes From Shrinking or Stretching, Lithonia, Georgia
If your garments have shrunk or stretched after you’ve taken them out of the washer or dryer, you’re not alone. Some clothing fabrics are more delicate than others and are more
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