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4 Benefits of Professional Mulching, Lincoln, Nebraska
Landscaping adds beauty to properties and makes outdoor areas more enjoyable. Once you plant shrubs, flowers, and trees, spreading mulch around them offers additional aesthetic and practical perks. Here are a handful of those more
What to Know About Lawn Aeration, Lincoln, Nebraska
For a beautiful, thriving lawn, your grass and soil need a healthy amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients. Lawn aeration will help your yard receive these components, but many homeowners aren’t familiar with this service. Consult the more
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Eden Lawn Care & Tree Service Inc., Stump Removal, Lawn Care Services, Tree Service, Lincoln, Nebraska
(402) 488-3177
Like everything else that lives and breathes, your trees, shrubbery, and even your grass need a regular source of nutrients and care in order to thrive. Eden Lawn Care & Tree Service Inc. in Lincoln, NE, offers everything you need to...
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Do’s & Don’ts of Tree Care, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your trees are beautiful parts of your yard. If you take good care of them, they’ll flourish for many years to come. Knowing what you should do and which common mistakes to avoid more
4 FAQ About Caring for Fruit Trees in Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
Since they provide both delicious food and aesthetic appeal, fruit trees should always receive the highest quality of tree care. The best techniques aren’t always universal; more
Why Is Your Tree Bleeding Sap?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Every tree produces sap, which is the liquid that transports water, nutrients, and hormones throughout the plant. After it’s produced in a tree’s leaves, the sap travels& more
How to Deal With a Storm-Damaged Tree, Lincoln, Nebraska
Severe storms with strong winds and heavy rain remain one of the biggest threats trees face along with insects and diseases. They have the power to take down healthy trees in more
4 Ways to Protect Your Lawn From Storm Damage, Lincoln, Nebraska
While rainstorms are good for lawns and plants, volatile storms bring damaging wind and rain that can cause quite a bit of damage. Proper lawn maintenance keeps your yard in good more
What to Know About Emerald Ash Borers, Lincoln, Nebraska
Trees are home to a myriad of insects, but some can be detrimental to the health of the plant. Emerald ash borers are exotic pests that aren’t native to America, but they have more
How to Protect Your Lawn From Rock Salt This Winter, Lincoln, Nebraska
Winter weather is right around the corner, which means homeowners need to begin preparing for hazardous conditions. For many, this means using rock salt to make their more
4 Benefits of Lawn Winterization, Lincoln, Nebraska
  Winterization is an essential part of lawn maintenance. It prevents damage to the roots and ensures that the grass achieves a lush, green appearance in the spring. If you’ more
What to Know About Fall Cleanup, Lincoln, Nebraska
End of fall cleanup and end of winter pruning are the two necessary tasks to prepare your landscape for a beautiful spring. Proper lawn maintenance before the ground freezes will more
4 Do's & Don'ts of Lawn Aeration, Lincoln, Nebraska
Over time, the soil beneath your grass becomes compacted, making it more difficult for water and nutrients to reach and nourish the root systems. Lawn aeration is the most effective more
Why Do Mushrooms Grow in My Yard?, Lincoln, Nebraska
In the spring and fall, many foragers explore the wilds of Nebraska to find edible fungi, such as oyster and morel mushrooms. But if you spot fungal growth popping up in your yard, more
How Can You Keep Borer Insects Off Your Trees?, Lincoln, Nebraska
For your lawn and garden to remain healthy and beautiful, you’ll need regular mowing, fertilizing, pruning, and watering. Additionally, pest control is another essential aspect of more
Why Hire a Tree Care Professional Before Buying a Home, Lincoln, Nebraska
When buying a home, there are many considerations to keep in mind. One area that is often overlooked is the state of a property’s trees. Here is a closer look at why having a more
How to Handle & Prevent Lawn Grubs , Lincoln, Nebraska
Homeowners know that the state of their front yard affects their curb appeal, which is why keeping up with lawn maintenance is crucial. Sometimes, however, no matter how more
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