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The Do's and Don'ts of Preparing Your AC for the Summer, Toledo, Ohio
Ohio can have some difficult winters, making summer feel like a reward. People become more social during this season, and you might want to host some parties. During this time, your AC unit will keep your guests comfortable. Bu...read more
3 Benefits of Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, Sylvania, Ohio
Ductless heating and air conditioning systems, also known as mini-splits, are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. These small units are installed near the ceilings in individual rooms and connected to an outdoor compress...read more
Lucas, OH HVAC Services Businesses
Glass City Heating & Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Repair, HVAC Services, Heating & Air, Toledo, Ohio
3107 W Alexis Rd
Toledo, OH 43613
(419) 470-0178
Receive complete furnace repair and installation services for your home and business from the talented HVAC technicians at Glass City Heating & Air Conditioning. This licensed and insured contractor offers a wide range of HVAC servic...
Overcashier & Horst Heating and Air Conditioning, Heating & Air, Air Conditioning Contractors, HVAC Services, Sylvania, Ohio
3745 Centennial Rd
Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 841-3333
Cold weather brings cooler temperatures in your home and office. Keep your heating system fit as a fiddle with the professional HVAC services offered at Overcashier & Horst Heating and Air Conditioning. For more than 60 years, the lo...
A1 Heating & Home Improvement, home heating, HVAC Services, Heating & Air, Toledo, Ohio
3263 Monroe St
Toledo, OH 43606
(419) 243-4871
Do you need a dependable HVAC contractor for your broken furnace? At A1 Heating, residential and commercial clients in Toledo, OH, and the surrounding area can take advantage of their reliable furnace repairs and installation services. F...
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4 Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems, Sylvania, Ohio
When installing an HVAC system, homeowners can choose a centralized system or a zoned system. Unlike a centralized system, a zoned system allows you to set different temperatures in ...read more
What Happens During a Spring AC Tuneup? , Toledo, Ohio
While it’s still spring, summer is just around the corner, which means your AC unit will be back to cooling your home. However, before turning it on, it’s crucial to have a professio...read more
Spring Allergies & Your HVAC System, Sylvania, Ohio
With the arrival of spring, allergy season is officially here. Unfortunately, outside isn’t the only place where allergies can strike; they can also occur indoors. Here’s s...read more
3 Reasons to Invest in HVAC Tuneups, Toledo, Ohio
Your HVAC system works quietly in the background, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm through the long Ohio winter. While today’s furnaces and air conditioners are extremel...read more
5 Common Furnace Problems to Look Out For, Sylvania, Ohio
Most people tend to ignore their furnace for the majority of the year. However, once the colder months approach, pay attention to anomalies. Catching the early warning signs that som...read more
4 Tasks to Complete Before Turning on the Furnace, Sylvania, Ohio
Temperatures have already started dropping across Ohio, so you might have already fired up your furnace for the first time this season. Whether you’re already using your heating syst...read more
5 Tips to Keep Your HVAC System in Shape, Sylvania, Ohio
Your HVAC system constantly runs in the background, keeping you and your family comfortable all year round. While all systems require yearly maintenance and inspection from an HVAC c...read more
How to Fight Fall Allergies With Your Heating & Air Conditioning System, Sylvania, Ohio
Dry eyes, runny nose, and a scratchy throat are just some of the unpleasant symptoms you may experience due to allergies. Fall can be a difficult time of the year for allergy-prone p...read more
Traditional Vs. Ductless Air Conditioners, Sylvania, Ohio
Today’s air conditioning systems last anywhere from ten to 20 years. Since that’s a pretty long commitment, procure a system fits your needs. Specifically, you need to determine...read more
Why Switch Over to a More Energy-Efficient HVAC System, Sylvania, Ohio
Upgrading your HVAC unit can be a difficult decision to make, especially when the current one seems to be operating just fine. However, switching over to a more energy-efficient prod...read more
3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs, Sylvania, Ohio
Having a home where you can cool off makes the warmer months of the year far more enjoyable. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems can break down from time to time and lead to stuf...read more
What Should You Consider When Buying a New Air Conditioning Unit?, Sylvania, Ohio
With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your air conditioning system, so your home or business stays comfortable in extreme weather. Finding ...read more
The Importance of Scheduling an HVAC Contractor for a Spring Tuneup, Sylvania, Ohio
Every spring, homeowners have a long to-do list to prepare their homes for the rise in temperature. Part of this preparation is bringing in an HVAC contractor to inspect and clean yo...read more
Why You Should Invest in a Geothermal Heat Pump, Sylvania, Ohio
If you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, a geothermal heat pump may be the answer. A reputable HVAC contractor will evaluate your family’s heating and co...read more
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