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3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
With temperatures starting to rise, you will be using an air conditioner sooner than you think! Unfortunately, many homeowners turn on their air conditioner only to find that it isn’t working as it should. The following are key...read more
The Most Common Winter Heat Pump Problems, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
During the coldest months of the year, it’s comforting to come home to a warm, cozy living space. Unfortunately, frigid temperatures can strain heating systems like heat pumps. If you have this HVAC mechanism, it pays to look o...read more
Lake Wazeecha, WI HVAC Services Businesses
High Tech HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning Contractors, HVAC Services, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
6610 South Park Rd.
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Keeping your home or business cool and comfortable throughout the year is a basic necessity, so you want to work with a reliable company who can keep your costs down and your satisfaction up. High Tech HVAC in Wisconsin Rapids,...
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5 Ways to Pet-Proof Your HVAC System, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Generally speaking, when it comes to HVAC maintenance, most of it boils down to consistency and observation. You need to replace the filters regularly, schedule inspections, and be o...read more
Protect Your HVAC System With These 5 Heat Pump Upkeep Tips, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Are you ready to get rid of your old furnace or HVAC system and schedule a heat pump installation? If so, you may wonder how much maintenance the latter requires. Fortunate...read more
How Often Should Your Air Ducts be Cleaned? , Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Your air conditioner and furnace recirculate the air throughout your home. While filters do catch fine particulates, HVAC systems accumulate dust and debris over time,...read more
How Heat Pump Installation Increases Home Comfort, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
You have a handful of options when choosing a new or updated home heating system, each with their own distinct advantages. If you haven't considered heat pump installation, though, t...read more
3 Signs You Need a Furnace Repair, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Your furnace plays an integral role in keeping your home cozy during the cooler months, and when it goes out unexpectedly, it can leave you cold and facing hefty replacement bills. R...read more
5 Qualities to Seek Out in an HVAC Contractor, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Impaired heating and cooling systems require prompt attention from a qualified HVAC contractor. The trick is to select someone who is both experienced and reliable, and who has a pro...read more
3 Year-Round HVAC Habits, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Regular HVAC maintenance ensures a well-functioning system that is also efficient and reliable. There are a few good habits that property owners should employ year round to make sure...read more
Why You Should Upgrade Your Air Conditioning in Spring, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
If you need a new air conditioning unit, you may be unsure when is the best time to make the purchase. You don’t want to wait for the summer heat, but purchasing in the bus...read more
3 Reasons to Implement an HVAC System Maintenance Plan, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Your HVAC system is an essential part of your home all year-round. That’s why savvy homeowners enroll in easy maintenance plans to keep their systems running smoothly. From regular u...read more
What Is a Furnace Tuneup?, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
One of the most important parts of preventative HVAC maintenance is scheduling a yearly tuneup from a professional. If you want to enjoy efficient performance and avoid expensiv...read more
3 Ways to Decide Between Furnace Repair & Replacement, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
When a furnace is malfunctioning, a simple repair may be all that's required to get it working efficiently again. But in other cases, a furnace replacement may be the best route to t...read more
What to Do When Your Furnace Won't Ignite, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
You and your family rely on your furnace to keep your home warm during the brisk chill of winter, so it’s imperative that you keep it running efficiently all year long. When your HVA...read more
When to Choose a Heat Pump Installation Instead of a Furnace, Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
With the holidays nearly upon us, it’s only going to get colder. If your oil or gas furnace hasn’t been working as well as it once did, consider a heat pump installation as a replace...read more
What Size of Air Conditioner Do You Need? , Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin
Air conditioners can make the difference between a hot, humid Wisconsin summer and a cool, comfortable experience. However, it isn’t always easy to know which unit to purch...read more
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