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 3 Reasons for an Annual Furnace Inspection, Purcell, Oklahoma
When the snow and icy arrives and you flip your furnace on, you don't want to discover problems. The unexpected need for furnace repair can leave you sitting in the cold for days. That's why you should always schedule an inspection ...read more
3 Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks to Do This Fall, Purcell, Oklahoma
As the leaves change and the temperature drops, animals start preparing their nests and hideouts for the long winter ahead—and so should homeowners. Besides raking the yard and taking boots and sweaters out of storage, pay attention...read more
Purcell, OK HVAC Services Businesses
Northwind Heat & Air, Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC Services, Purcell, Oklahoma
201 S Green Ave
Purcell, OK 73080
The heating and cooling system in your home or office is incredibly important for comfort throughout the year. The family owned and operated Northwind Heating & Air is known throughout the local community of Lexington, OK for their q...
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3 Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air, Purcell, Oklahoma
The last problem you want on a hot day is to crank on your AC and find it’s blowing hot air. There can be several culprits, and it’s important to identify the cause to be certain no ...read more
3 Common Air Conditioning Repairs You Might Need This Summer, Purcell, Oklahoma
It never fails. Your air conditioning breaks down when you need it most on a hot summer day. The good news is you can take steps to avoid unnecessary air conditioning repairs th...read more
3 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating & Air Conditioning Bills, Purcell, Oklahoma
Keeping your energy bills down during the dog days of summer can be a challenge, especially if your AC unit is getting up there in age. You will need to tweak your energy consumption...read more
Heating & Air Conditioning FAQ, Purcell, Oklahoma
When it comes to keeping your home comfortable and inviting, the heating and air conditioning systems play a vital role. As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with...read more
Should You Repair or Replace Your Central Heating & Air?, Purcell, Oklahoma
Central heating and air systems help make our homes comfortable year-round. Regular maintenance will help you get great use out of yours, but even a well-maintained system won’t last...read more
5 Maintenance Tips for Spring Heating & Air Conditioning, Purcell, Oklahoma
Spring has just arrived, and before you know it, the days will heat up, and you’ll be more grateful than ever for the blessing of modern air conditioning. Before you start using your...read more
4 FAQs About Air Conditioner Installations & Estimates, Purcell, Oklahoma
Your family relies on your heating and air conditioning system to keep them comfortable throughout the year. So, when your air conditioner suddenly fails, it can leave the whole fami...read more
5 Important Signs You Need Furnace Repairs, Purcell, Oklahoma
There's nothing worse than waking up on the coldest morning of the year to discover that your furnace is on the blink, and you need urgent heating service. Northwind Heat & Air, ...read more
3 Reasons Why Regular Air Conditioning Service is Worth the Money, Purcell, Oklahoma
Your AC system is an integral part of your home because it creates a comfortable environment during the warmest times of the year. It’s important that you maintain your air cond...read more
Three Common Causes for a Furnace Blowing Cold Air, Purcell, Oklahoma
You rely on your heating system to keep your home comfortable all winter long; when it starts blowing cold air, you want to find the source of the problem and get it running right aw...read more
What Was That? Weird Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore, Purcell, Oklahoma
Those spooky sounds coming from your heating system is your furnace’s way of signaling for help. Ignoring the distress signals could leave you with no heat and a costly furnace repai...read more
3 Signs You're Due for Furnace Repairs, Purcell, Oklahoma
As summer comes to a close, many families are starting to feel the chill of fall tickling at their toes. While you’ve been using your air conditioner, your furnace has been waiting i...read more
The Top 5 Things You Should Know About Air Conditioning Installations, Purcell, Oklahoma
Are you considering an air conditioning installation in your home? While a welcome addition during the hot summers, it’s best to take time to understand what to look for in an air co...read more
Got filters? Get 10% Off!, Purcell, Oklahoma
For your unit to cool most efficiently you should change your filters on a regular basis. Depending upon your filter size and type they should be replaced monthly, quarterly or bi-an...read more
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