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3 Benefits of Replacing Your HVAC Filter, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
As outdoor temperatures remain high, it is refreshing to step into your air-conditioned house. To make sure your unit has an easier time doing its job, replace the air filters at least every season. This essential part of heating and coo...read more
3 Problems With High Indoor Humidity Levels, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
While you may not worry too much about a little home humidity, water vapor can spell problems if it is allowed to accumulate inside your home. Here are a few reasons to be concerned about high humidity levels in your home and how mo...read more
Mukwonago, WI HVAC Services Businesses
Donovan & Jorgenson - Western Office, Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating and AC, HVAC Services, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
W306 S4879 HWY 83
Mukwonago, WI 53149
(262) 968-4086
With the cold winters and hot summers in Wisconsin, it’s important to have reliable heating and cooling in your home or business. Trust Donovan & Jorgenson for HVAC services that keep your space comfortable. Serving Milwaukee and So...
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Why Your AC Unit Blows Hot Air, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Temperatures are steadily rising, so now is not a convenient time to have an air conditioner outage. It’s even worse when the AC unit blows hot air instead of cold. This issue can le...read more
3 Benefits of Smart Thermostats, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
You rely on your thermostat most days, whether you’re heating your home in winter or cooling it in summer. If you currently have an old model, you’re missing out on all the advantage...read more
4 Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
A programmable thermostat is specifically designed to adjust the temperature in your home according to a preset schedule. It’s easy to install and transforms the way you control...read more
4 Sounds Your Air Conditioner Should Never Make, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
You might think that the annoying noise your air conditioner is making is just a small inconvenience. However, this could lead to damage over time or even make the AC unsafe to use. ...read more
How to Use Your Thermostat to Save Energy in Summer, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Throughout the summer, your AC unit works hard to keep your home cool and clement. However, this often results in excess energy use, followed by elevated utility expenses. Fortu...read more
4 Signs Your Home Is Too Humid, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Humidity can pose a significant threat to your home. Not only can the presence of moist, warm air stifle your comfort, but it can also leave the structure vulnerable to mold and...read more
4 Essential Questions to Ask During an HVAC Inspection, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
HVAC contractors can assist with everything from emergency air conditioning repairs to full system installations. By knowing which questions to ask when they visit, you can lear...read more
3 Tips to Maximize AC Efficiency in the Summer, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Summertime is prime time for your air conditioning system. You rely on the unit to run all season long to keep your home cool and comfortable. A lack of efficiency, however, can driv...read more
3 Tips to Lower AC Unit Expenses This Summer, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
With temperatures warming up, your AC unit will soon be getting a lot of use. For most families, this also means that monthly electricity bills will start to increase. However, by fo...read more
4 Reasons to Use Energy Star® Appliances, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
When selecting new heating and cooling units, look into options that are Energy Star® certified. These devices offer many benefits for all households where they’re installe...read more
3 Tips for Thermostat Placement, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Your furnace and AC unit couldn’t do what they do without the help of the thermostat—a smart, computer-controlled system designed to quickly and easily detect and adjust your home te...read more
5 Tips for Financing an HVAC System, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
HVAC repair and new HVAC installation alike can get expensive. Fortunately, there are financing options available to help mitigate the financial burden. Here are five of the most com...read more
3 Steps to Take If You Smell Gas in Your Home, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
A natural gas leak can be extremely dangerous, posing a health risk to everyone inside and even potentially causing an explosion. Because natural gas is odorless and colorless, ...read more
3 Reasons to Install a Ductless AC Unit, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
A ductless AC unit is a wall-mounted cooling system that draws heat and moisture out of the air while blowing cool air in through vents on the unit itself. They require no ductwork a...read more
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