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Do’s & Don’ts of Using Emergency Heat, Prior Lake, Minnesota
With frigid temperatures hitting Minnesota this winter, homeowners may be relying on their heating and cooling system’s emergency heat settings to stay comfortable indoors. However, this system is a backup heat source and should onl...read more
3 Reasons Furnaces Short Cycle, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Short cycling occurs when your furnace shuts off before it has finished its heating cycle. It will then have to turn back on quickly to compensate for the low heat levels, resulting in a system that is continuously switching on and off w...read more
Prior Lake, MN HVAC Services Businesses
NMS Mechanical, Heating and AC, Air Conditioning Repair, HVAC Services, Prior Lake, Minnesota
15981 Jordan Ave SE
Prior Lake, MN 55372
There is nothing worse than being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. NMS Mechanical, the premier heating and cooling company serving the Twin Cities South Metro area, is committed to making sure its customers are alwa...
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3 Factors to Consider When Buying a New Furnace, Prior Lake, Minnesota
When it’s time to replace the furnace, many first-time homeowners are struck by a bewildering variety of options. Not only do you have to decide between gas, electric, or oil, you’ll...read more
3 Tips When You’re Looking for a New Furnace, Prior Lake, Minnesota
As the weather continues to cool, it’s time to begin thinking about your furnace. After consulting with your heating company, it may become clear that it’s time for a replacement, bu...read more
4 Furnace Smells & What They Mean, Prior Lake, Minnesota
With the cold weather arriving, it’s likely time to fire up your furnace for the first time. When it kicks on, you may notice strange odors in your home, and it’s important to recogn...read more
3 Reasons to Schedule Annual Furnace Service, Prior Lake, Minnesota
With the drop in temperature during fall and winter, now is the perfect time to check on your furnace. This includes scheduling an annual furnace service. Yearly ...read more
4 HVAC Installation FAQ Answered, Prior Lake, Minnesota
If you’ve noticed a change in indoor air quality or a steady increase in cooling and heating costs, it might be time to upgrade the HVAC system. From what equipment to get to how to ...read more
Now Hiring..., Prior Lake, Minnesota
We are a small, busy, family owned shop located in Prior Lake with an immediate opening for an experienced residential new construction HVAC installer and service tech. We offer: 4 ...read more
5 Tips for Choosing the Right Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Whether you need help with HVAC installation work or air conditioner repair, having the right team on your side can make all the difference. But how can you have confidence when sele...read more
3 Steps to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer, Prior Lake, Minnesota
As a leading supplier of air conditioning repairs in Prior Lake, MN, NMS Mechanical knows that a fully functional AC unit is crucial during summer. That’s why this trusted heating an...read more
Should My Air Conditioner Be Frozen?, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Now that warmer weather is here to stay, you rely on your air conditioner full time to make your home, office, and other spaces comfortable. If you visually inspected your AC un...read more
3 Items to Put on Spring Heating & Cooling System Upkeep Lists, Prior Lake, Minnesota
After a long winter keeping out the cold, your heating and cooling system requires preventative maintenance come spring. A thorough equipment check and cleaning will catch any ineffi...read more
Air Conditioner Repair Experts Explain Why You Need an Annual AC Tuneup, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Even the Upper Midwest sees uncomfortably hot temperatures for long stretches during summer, so it's important that you maintain your air conditioner properly to ensure it works when...read more
4 Reasons to Choose a Professional HVAC Installation, Prior Lake, Minnesota
When it comes to installing heating and cooling units, it’s best not to try to take on the job yourself. Professional HVAC installations are safer, more affordable, and will ultimate...read more
Heating & Cooling Basics: Understanding Your HVAC System, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Many people around the country depend on their heating and cooling systems to keep them comfortable all throughout the year. Yet, most homeowners don’t understand how their HVAC syst...read more
The 4 Most Common Causes of Furnace Repairs, Prior Lake, Minnesota
A struggling furnace not only drives up your energy bills and leaves your home less comfortable, but it can also be dangerous for everyone inside. Annual inspections of your heating ...read more
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