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A Guide to Indoor Air Quality in the Office , La Crosse, Wisconsin
People tend to think of air pollution as something that only occurs outdoors. However, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted. This is a particular concern in office environments, where many employees spend the majority of...read more
A Guide to HVAC Maintenance, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their heating and cooling equipment until something goes wrong. However, some simple maintenance throughout the year can reduce much of the need for emergency HVAC repair and keep your home mor...read more
La Crosse, WI HVAC Services Businesses
Bernie Buchner, Inc., Water Heaters, HVAC Services, Plumbing, La Crosse, Wisconsin
224 Causeway Blvd.
La Crosse, WI 54603
(608) 784-9000
Bernie Buchner, Inc. has been the top HVAC and plumbing service company in La Crosse, WI for over 60 years. Their team of helpful and experienced professionals understands that amenities like plumbing, heating, and refrigeration aren’t o...
Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating, Drain Cleaning, HVAC Services, Emergency Plumbers, La Crosse, Wisconsin
For the past 100 years, when residents of La Crosse, WI needed dedicating plumbing service or HVAC repair, they’ve turned to the same local business: Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating. As long-term members of the community, the contractors ...
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3 Fall Maintenance Tips for Commercial HVAC Systems, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Whether you operate a small office or an industrial warehouse, your commercial HVAC system needs servicing throughout the year. This will help you maintain your staff's com...read more
3 Situations That Require Emergency Plumbing Services, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Leaks, rusted pipes, and other plumbing problems should never be written off as non-serious. They can worsen in seconds, and it’s essential to know when emergency plumbing services a...read more
What Should You Do When Pipes Burst?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When fluids within pipes freeze and expand during winter, they put pressure on the tubes, often causing them to crack or burst. Some other reasons for bursting may include tree ...read more
5 Common Reasons Your Toilet Isn't Flushing, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Few plumbing emergencies are as stressful as flushing the toilet and hearing only a faint gurgle of water or, even worse, watching helplessly as the bowl starts to overflow. While th...read more
4 Reasons a Plumbing Service Should Install a Water Heater, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Upgrading to a modern, efficient water heater can help lower your utility bills while providing better efficacy. Installing a water heater involves more than just connecting lines, t...read more
5 Noises Your Water Heater Shouldn't Make & What's Causing Them, La Crosse, Wisconsin
As the device that raises your water’s temperature to whatever level you need for bathing, showering, and heating your home, your water heater is essential. That’s why it’s wise to h...read more
3 Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If an issue requiring plumbing repair occurs during off-hours, you might debate whether to call for emergency help or wait until the next day. In large part, the answer com...read more
3 Warning Signs of a Septic System Problem, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Your septic system not only helps process waste, but it also funnels water away from your house and yard. Considering the amount of work performed by this plumbing system, it’s ...read more
4 Signs Your Thermostat Is Faulty, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Summer is one of the worst times for your HVAC system to start acting faulty. While there are many issues that your air conditioner might experience, the thermostat that control...read more
3 Ways to Reduce Commercial Cooling Costs, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When you manage a business, you are always looking for ways of improving your bottom line. In addition to increasing profits, you can also earn more by cutting down on operating...read more
3 Common Culprits of Air Conditioner Failure, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If your HVAC system breaks down in the dead of summer, prompt air conditioner repair will restore your family’s comfort. It’s crucial to know some common causes of HVAC failure ...read more
Why Update Your Commercial HVAC System?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
A lot of work goes on in your commercial property. To make sure employees stay comfortable and, therefore, productive, in the approaching summer heat, keep on top of HVAC m...read more
3 Ways to Save Money With Your Water Heater This Summer, La Crosse, Wisconsin
After heating and cooling, water heaters are the second biggest energy expense for homeowners, contributing to approximately 18% of the average utility bill. Fortunately, summer is t...read more
How Tree Roots Affect the Plumbing System, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Like all plants, trees seek out nearby sources of water to grow strong. However, if the ones in your yard were planted too near your plumbing lines, their roots will sometimes i...read more
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