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3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner, Circleville, Ohio
Your air conditioner may offer reliable cooling throughout the hot summer months, but it won't last forever. Learn how to recognize when it's close to the end of its life so you can schedule air conditioning installation and av...read more
5 No-Cost Ways to Maximize AC Energy Efficiency, Chillicothe, Ohio
Warmer days ahead mean one thing — higher cooling costs. Cranking up your air conditioner and running it all day to beat the heat will raise your electric bill. With timely air conditioner services, your AC will run more effici...read more
Chillicothe, OH HVAC Services Businesses
All Star Heating & Air Conditioning Services, Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating and AC, HVAC Services, Circleville, Ohio
2630 Kingston Pike
Circleville, OH 43113
(740) 477-8778
Have you ever needed help with your furnace or air conditioning in the middle of the night, but didn’t know who to call? All Star Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Circleville, OH, works 24 hours a day to get your HVAC system&nb...
Combs Heating & Cooling, HVAC Services, Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating & Air, Chillicothe, Ohio
(740) 772-2233
Combs Heating & Cooling has been attending to the cooling and heating needs of Waverly, Chillicothe, and Circleville, OH, for more than 10 years. This family-owned and operated business has over 23 years of experi...
Lenox Heating & Cooling, Air Conditioning, Heating & Air, HVAC Services, Chillicothe, Ohio
No matter what the weather is like outside, your home should be cozy and comfortable. If a furnace or air conditioning unit goes awry, you want a team of technicians who can fix the problem quickly and efficiently. When it comes to HVAC,...
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4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners, Chillicothe, Ohio
Owning a home is a significant milestone for most people. However, homeownership also has the responsibility of maintaining household fixtures and appliances like a he...read more
How Do A/C Systems Work?, Circleville, Ohio
When homeowners turn down their thermostats, they usually don’t put much thought into the action. It’s only when something goes wrong that people consider their HVAC system’s&nb...read more
4 Reasons to Get an HVAC Inspection Before Buying a House, Chillicothe, Ohio
During a regular real estate home inspection, the inspector assesses factors like the roof, basement, and structural integrity of the home. However, many inspectors don’t have the ti...read more
3 Benefits of AC Maintenance in the Spring, Chillicothe, Ohio
As the temperature begins to rise, your household will likely become increasingly reliant on your air conditioner for comfort. That’s why you need to make sure it’s in excellent cond...read more
3 Common AC Issues, Circleville, Ohio
Because you only run your air conditioner when you’re uncomfortably warm, it seems there’s never a good time to experience a system breakdown. Fortunately, you can get your system up...read more
What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps, Chillicothe, Ohio
Heat pumps are essential for helping HVAC systems effectively distribute warm air. Understanding how they work and the signs of a failing heat pump can help you seek out necessary ma...read more
3 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System in the Winter , Chillicothe, Ohio
As the temperatures drop, you’re more inclined to raise the temperature setting on the thermostat. In turn, this also drives up your heating bills. While your indoor comfort is a top...read more
3 HVAC Smells and What Causes Them, Circleville, Ohio
Are strange smells coming from your air conditioner vents? They can be overbearing at times and may leave you wondering if it’s time to call an HVAC contractor. While it’s not uncomm...read more
4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners, Chillicothe, Ohio
New homeowners have much to learn about their houses, and their heating and cooling system should be at the top of the list. Whether they own ductless air conditioning, a gas furnace...read more
3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Home Heating & Cooling Filter, Chillicothe, Ohio
When you move into a new home, there are many lifestyle changes and maintenance concerns that take your attention. While these issues are undoubtedly important, they can sometimes ca...read more
3 Geothermal Loop System Options to Consider, Chillicothe, Ohio
Geothermal loops are becoming increasingly popular in powering heating and cooling systems. This energy-efficient method will effectively keep your home comfortable while reduci...read more
3 Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore, Circleville, Ohio
All HVAC systems make sounds, but excessive noise can indicate serious malfunctions. Some of the most common furnace repairs begin with rattling, squealing, and thumping noises....read more
3 Costly Thermostat Mistakes to Avoid, Chillicothe, Ohio
Thermostats are the component of your heating and cooling system that allow you to set and regulate the temperature in your home. This has a direct impact on your monthly u...read more
How to Make Your Heating & Cooling System Pet-Friendly, Chillicothe, Ohio
Adopting an animal often means making a lot of changes to your daily life. For example, you might have to get up earlier to take neighborhood walks or cover the couch to prevent claw...read more
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