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3 Reasons To Get Car Insurance, Overland Park, Kansas
Auto insurance exists to keep you safe and your vehicle protected against car accidents. This protection is not only vital, but it’s also mandatory in most of the US. If you're deciding whether auto insurance is right for you, here’s& more
What to Know About Total Loss Car Settlements, Overland Park, Kansas
If you’re ever in a car accident, the car might be damaged enough that the cost of the repairs starts to get close to what the vehicle is worth, and sometimes more than what the vehicle is worth. Alternatively, the insurance more
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Having your car totaled in an auto accident can be a devastating experience; see the skilled team at Wreck Expert in Kansas and Missouri, to avoid compounding this less-than-ideal event with a low settlement amount from your insurance ad...
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Should You Use Your Insurer's Recommended Body Shop?, Overland Park, Kansas
After being in a car accident, you will want to make sure your wrecked car is repaired completely, repaired properly, and that you aren’t left in the dark to deal with more
4 Questions to Ask Your Insurer - CAUTION: Recommending An Auto Body Shop, Overland Park, Kansas
No one wants to get into a car accident. However, with so many vehicles on the road being operated by distracted drivers these days, it is sometimes inevitable even for the more
4 Signs A Used Car Was in an Accident, Overland Park, Kansas
You’ve finally found your dream car, and the price is right inside your budget. Unfortunately, that used car may have been involved in an auto accident. Vehicle history reports are more
How to Know When You've Had a Bad Body Shop Repair, Overland Park, Kansas
After you’ve been in an accident, the auto repair process can be a hassle. When it’s all over, you’ll be excited to get back on the road again in a safe, restored vehicle. So what more
3 Reasons you need an advocate when dealing with a car wreck insurance claim, Overland Park, Kansas
After you are like most people involved in an auto accident, most will only call the insurance company and assume everything will be handled in your best interests. This is far more
Been in an Auto Accident? 4 Expenses to Claim, Overland Park, Kansas
In the wake of an auto accident, one of the first actions to take is getting in touch with the insurance company to file a claim, but don’t let them tell you what to do. Since more
What Is a Diminished Value Claim?, Overland Park, Kansas
When you’ve been in an auto accident, your insurance company is supposed to take financial responsibility on your behalf. While most drivers think to submit a collision insurance& more
What Kansas Car Buyers Should Know About the Lemon Law, Overland Park, Kansas
In most cases, buying a vehicle falls under the principle of “caveat emptor,” which means “let the buyer beware.” However, many states do have lemon laws that provide powerful more
4 Questions People Often Have About Auto Dealer Fraud, Overland Park, Kansas
Auto dealer fraud can come in many forms—from adding unwanted accessories to hike up the price to failing to disclose the vehicle's crash history. As a buyer, it’s natural more
Do I need GAP coverage on my car?, Overland Park, Kansas
We have clients call everyday dealing with a wrecked vehicle. We realize there is often confusion on GAP coverage with regards to when is it good to have and when is it more
What Should You Do if Your Car Is Totaled?, Overland Park, Kansas
Car accidents are stressful to begin with, but if your vehicle sustains enough damage to be labeled “totaled” by your insurance company, it can feel downright catastrophic. more
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