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3 Tips for Safe Summer Driving, San Marcos, Texas
Summer is the perfect time to hop in your car and head out for a carefree road trip. While you’re enjoying cruising in the summer sun, you should still keep some seasonal safety tips in mind to make sure your trip is free of any more
4 Reasons to Fix Car Dents Quickly, San Marcos, Texas
Dents on your car are hard to avoid, whether from an accident with another vehicle or an encounter with natural elements like hail or tree branches. Regardless of how they formed, you need to schedule dent repairs as soon as more
San Marcos, TX Collision Shop Businesses
Eli's Collision Specialists , Auto Body, Auto Repair, Collision Shop, San Marcos, Texas
1499 River Rd
San Marcos, TX 78666
Whether it’s a fender bender or a full-on collision, getting in a car accident can be a frightening and chaotic experience. Since 1974, Eli’s Collision Specialists of San Marcos, TX, has worked to remove some of that inevitable post-acci...
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3 Signs Your Steering Wheel Needs Auto Service, San Marcos, Texas
The steering wheel is the central mechanism in control when driving a car so even a small glitch can create trouble. The sooner you’re able to identify any irregularities or more
How Does Frame Damage Affect Your Car?, San Marcos, Texas
After you have been in a collision, the mechanic will inspect the car to take note of the damage. One phrase you may hear the collision specialist mention is “frame damage.” more
Why You Need Professional Collision Repair After an Accident, San Marcos, Texas
Even experienced drivers can get into fender benders that leave their cars scratched or dented. Even if the damage doesn’t seem severe or affect your ability to drive, you should more
3 Tips to Help You Drive Safely in Winter, San Marcos, Texas
Winter in Texas may not result in negative 50 degree wind chills like in some parts of the country, but it can still change the way many activities are done, including driving. more
Post-Collision Repair Do's and Don'ts, San Marcos, Texas
If you’re involved in a collision, your vehicle will likely need dent repair and paint touch-ups. After visiting an auto service company for these tasks, you’ll want to more
Avoid Collision Repairs With These Car Winterizing Tips, San Marcos, Texas
To avoid the hassle of collision repairs and a lengthy auto insurance claims process, you should take precautions on the road, particularly in winter. One important step to staying more
5 Reasons to Stop Tailgating Today, San Marcos, Texas
Sometimes, accidents are not preventable. However, by utilizing best driving practices, including leaving a safe distance between you and the car up ahead, you significantly more
Top 3 Tips to Avoid Hitting a Deer With Your Car This Fall, San Marcos, Texas
It’s always important to drive safely, but you should be extra cautious when navigating the roads during deer season. Colliding with a deer can cause serious injuries and more
3 Urgent Signs Your Suspension System Needs Auto Repairs, San Marcos, Texas
When your suspension system has started degrading, it makes driving more difficult and, oftentimes, dangerous. The faster you know how to diagnose an issue, the sooner you can more
3 Safety Tips for Sharing the Road With Motorcyclists, San Marcos, Texas
Many choose to ride a motorcycle rather than a car for the fun, convenience, and gas mileage that it provides. But there are definite downsides to this mode of transportation. more
3 Places You Should Avoid Parking Your Car, San Marcos, Texas
A vehicle is generally one of the most significant investments the average person makes. Therefore, it’s important not only to keep it running well with routine visits to an auto more
Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car Unattended, San Marcos, Texas
Summer is an opportune time to take your pet on a road trip or just out to the local park. However, the car service experts at Eli's Collision Specialists in San Marcos, TX, say it’ more
Why You Need to Fix a Cracked Windshield Before Summer, San Marcos, Texas
Winter is notorious for wreaking havoc on vehicles, but summer is just as damaging, especially for windshields. A simple chip or crack can quickly turn into a spider web of damage more
3 Urgent Reasons to Get Auto Repairs After a Fender Bender, San Marcos, Texas
After a fender bender, it’s easy to believe that your vehicle only sustained minor damage. You may decide to skip the auto repairs and return home. However, this can lead more
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