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Harlem, NY Karate Businesses
Pouncing Tigers, Inc., Self Defense Classes, Karate, Martial Arts, New York, New York
115 West 128th Street
New York, NY 10027
(646) 765-6974
Infusing together complementary martial arts styles, Pouncing Tigers teaches children that respect and learning are fun! Martial arts classes involve strength building games, listening exercises and techniques that have all been specific...
Kickboxing Classes, Manhattan, New York
Great classes tonight!  Way to kick some @$$!See the schedule for adult kickboxing classes at www.PouncingTigers.comread more
Spring Break for Kids, Manhattan, New York
Which week works best for you?Based on the awesome success of the Winter Program, we will be hosting a Spring Break Program also.  But only if you want it.Let us know what week ...read more
Wednesday bootcamp kickboxing, Manhattan, New York
Burn calories like mad! Save money!Have fun!  Hit something! Ask us about our special Wednesday Kickboxing boot-camp going on right now.  (646)477-1421www.po...read more
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