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Kentucky Organic Food

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Kentucky Organic Food Businesses
Fuud Inc. , Agriculture & Farming, Organic Food, Orlando, Florida
10113 Sandy Marsh Ln
Orlando, FL 32832
(612) 384-1227
Imagine working with nature to create a system of sustainable food, water and power that would save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and provide nutritious options during more months of the year. That scenario is no longer just wi...
Second in Command, Your Personal Assistant LLC, Organic Food, Sports Nutrition, Health Store, Lebanon, Ohio
812 Cherry Hill Ln
Lebanon, OH 45036
As a Shaklee Distributor we offer health supplements and products that undergo a screening process that surpasses even the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia.  Shaklee products are also backed by 71 patents and multipl...
Why You Should Switch to an Organic Diet While You're Pregnant, Orlando, Florida
When you’re eating for two, your diet becomes even more important. You may be wondering if you should switch to organic vegetables, fruit, and meat during this exciting time. more
3 Tips to Begin Living a More Organic Lifestyle, Orlando, Florida
Living a natural or organic lifestyle starts with becoming conscious of your buying habits and committing to healthier choices. Purchasing from local farms and more
Permaculture Experts Share 3 Ways to Promote Sustainability, Orlando, Florida
From climate change to global warming, the natural threats to humans and the environment are real, so it’s important to practice sustainability. This means reducing your demand on more
Does Solar Power Count As a Sustainable Energy Resource?, Orlando, Florida
For the first time in history, solar energy costs less than traditional fossil fuels. By converting the sun’s rays into electrical energy, solar panels heat a home, light up a more
Sustainable Energy Specialists Share 3 Facts About Water Filters, Orlando, Florida
Investing in a water filter is an excellent way to take a more conscious approach to the safety of your property’s water supply. The unfortunate reality is that contamination is not more
How to Create Sustainability Through Permaculture, Orlando, Florida
Every good gardener should understand the importance of permaculture. Permaculture is the development of intelligent agriculture practices that when done properly can create a more
Premier Personal Assistant & Errand Service Offers Discount For Veterans , Lebanon, Ohio
Life is busy and it seems like you have a million things to do each day: from grocery shopping, to event planning, to tackling home improvement projects. When your ‘to-do’ list more
3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Personal Assistant, Lebanon, Ohio
Hiring someone to assist you in your personal and professional life — from house sitting while you’re on vacation to picking up your dry cleaning — makes your life a lot more
3 Things to Tell Your Personal Assistant Prior to House Sitting, Lebanon, Ohio
Whether you’re leaving town for a brief or extended trip, having someone trustworthy and reliable looking after your home will give you peace of mind. Second in Command, Your more
Get 3 hours of Handyman Service for $90, Lebanon, Ohio
Our handyman service is right up your alley!  Need to swap out those outdated lighting fixtures?  Dying to have a ceiling fan installed?  Want to get ahead of winter more
How Grocery Delivery Can Help You, Lebanon, Ohio
Of all the weekly chores you have to take care of, few are more time-consuming than grocery shopping. Regardless of whether you’re single or have a large family, navigating the more
Growing Old, Baby Boomer Style, Lebanon, Ohio
Now, with the first of them turning 60, baby boomers are about to do something utterly conventional and predictable. They're going to start getting old. In 1946, 3.4 million babies more
Pumpkin Spice Protein/Shaklee, Lebanon, Ohio
That’s right folks!  #PUMPKINSPICE #PROTEIN #SHAKLEE  Limited time offer!  ORDER NOW! read more
Health Goals Made Simple, Shaklee Healthprint, Lebanon, Ohio
We want to drive happiness and wellness with all of our clients.  That’s why we not only provide reliable personal assistance here at Second in Command but also quality more
3 Ways a Personal Assistant Can Help the Elderly, Lebanon, Ohio
Caring for an elderly loved one is a big responsibility. When coupled with the duties of your already busy routine, it can be overwhelming. Both you and your loved one can more