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What You Should Know About Bankruptcy & Divorce, Lincoln, Nebraska
A divorce can be an emotionally draining experience, especially when bankruptcy is thrown on top of it. If you’re contemplating filing for both, it’s important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer or bankruptcy attorney, ...read more
How to Develop an Effective Parenting Plan, Lincoln, Nebraska
When two parents in Nebraska decide to raise their child in separate households, the law requires them to create a parenting plan that serves the child’s best interests. The plan outlines an arrangement for physical and legal custod...read more
Downtown Lincoln, NE Divorce Law Businesses
Payne Law Office, Attorneys, Divorce Law, Family Law, Lincoln, Nebraska
1120 K Street Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 477-7246
Divorce is never easy, especially when considering its implications from a legal standpoint. Payne Law Office is a family law office based in Lincoln, NE. Comprised of a group of experienced and resourceful family law attorneys and heade...
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What Happens to Pets During Divorce Proceedings?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your pets may be part of the family, but the law does not see them as such. Therefore, it’s natural to worry about what might happen to them during divorce. Since everyone's situatio...read more
How to Make a 50/50 Parenting Schedule Work, Lincoln, Nebraska
Traditionally, child custody arrangements consist of one parent having primary physical custody while the other gets visitation. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for pare...read more
What You Need to Know About Parenting Plans, Lincoln, Nebraska
Parents who share custody of their children must often navigate difficult terrain, filled with unexpected issues and challenges that can be difficult to resolve. A skilled family law...read more
3 Co-Parenting Tips From a Lincoln Family Law Office, Lincoln, Nebraska
Ending a serious relationship is always challenging, but it can be especially difficult when children are involved. When people share kids, they are connected for life, and they...read more
Facing a Custody Battle? 3 Tips on Preparing for It From a Local Family Law Office, Lincoln, Nebraska
Child custody battles are inherently stressful because there is so much at stake. Even couples who foresee an amicable divorce and can agree on virtually everything else will likely ...read more
How Divorce Mediation Can Benefit Both Parties, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’re going through a divorce, you and your spouse will ideally be able to put feelings aside and settle child custody and property issues between yourselves. However, in many ca...read more
What Is Involved in the Child Custody Mediation Process?, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, there will be several things to consider as you prepare to go your separate ways. However, if you have children, it’s likely that cust...read more
Why Your Divorce Attorney Wants You to Stay Off Social Media , Lincoln, Nebraska
Social media is so much more than a way to connect with friends. It’s a marketplace, a forum, and even a source of live news coverage. The digital rabbit hole can also serve as a kin...read more
5 Signs Your Ex Is Engaging in Parental Alienation, Lincoln, Nebraska
Parental alienation refers to the process by which one parent mentally manipulates a child into fearing or distrusting the other. It is unfortunately more common than you might think...read more
A Family Law Attorney Shares Some of the Do’s & Don'ts of Divorce, Lincoln, Nebraska
The end of a marriage is a challenging time, so you want to make sure you navigate this experience with as much care and planning as possible. Having the right safeguards in place wi...read more
Thinking About Ending Your Marriage? A Divorce Attorney Shares 3 Tips for Coping With the Transition, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you have decided to file for divorce, it is important to prepare for the emotional aftermath of doing so. Even for those who are looking forward to a fresh start, deep-seated feel...read more
Lincoln Divorce Attorney Outlines the Filing Process, Lincoln, Nebraska
While no one plans to get a divorce, in some cases, it is the best option for everyone involved. Although divorce laws vary from state-to-state, the proceedings often follow the same...read more
A Lincoln Divorce Lawyer Shares 3 Tips for Telling Your Children You're Getting Divorced, Lincoln, Nebraska
Even the most amicable divorce can take an emotional toll on the people involved, especially the youngest members of the family. It's imperative to tell children about divorce in the...read more
3 Tips to Help You Decide When the Time Is Right to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer, Lincoln, Nebraska
Child custody issues can easily become stressful and overwhelming, and it's not uncommon to feel like the very fabric of your family is being torn apart. In most cases, hiring a chil...read more
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