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Divorce Stress: 3 Tips to Help You Manage Courtesy of a Divorce Lawyer, Rochester, New York
Along with the myriad of legal issues you will face, divorce can be an extremely stressful experience. Accordingly, you want to ensure your mental well-being stays intact, and reducing stress and anxiety around the divorce proceedings ca...read more
Rochester Family Law Attorney Shares 3 Tips for Talking to Your Children About Divorce, Rochester, New York
If you and your spouse have decided to get divorced, breaking the news to your children is going to be challenging, regardless of how old they are. At the end of the day, your kids are going to be upset, and you need to let them work thr...read more
Rochester, NY Divorce Law Businesses
William J Sedor Esq., Divorce Law, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Family Attorneys, Rochester, New York
31 E Main St., #400
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 546-8428
Are you struggling with debt? Turn to William J. Sedor, Esq. in Rochester, New York, a firm with practiced general attorneys focusing on credit repair and legal help with bankruptcy, as well as representation for criminal and family law ...
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What You Need to Know When Declaring Bankruptcy, Rochester, New York
Debt-burdened individuals considering whether declaring bankruptcy is the best way to obtain financial relief should know about certain factors before making a decision. In Rochester...read more
5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer, Rochester, New York
A good divorce lawyer will smooth out the process of family law proceedings and help you secure the best terms in your divorce. When you set out to find an attorney, it's important t...read more
3 Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Declaring Bankruptcy, Rochester, New York
If you have accumulated an excessive amount of debt that you will not be able to pay off in a reasonable amount of time, you may be considering declaring bankruptcy. Although filing ...read more
Ask a Divorce Lawyer: 3 Actions to Take After a Separation, Rochester, New York
Divorce comes with many complications, and unfortunately, they don’t always end once the separation is final. According to the legal team at William J. Sedor, Esq. in Rochester,...read more
Leading Divorce Lawyer Shares 3 Tips for Breaking the News to Your Children, Rochester, New York
If you and your spouse are considering divorce, it’s natural to worry about how the news will affect your children. Your kids are allowed to be upset at the announcement, and you sho...read more
3 Steps to Getting an Annulment: Insights From a Family Law Attorney, Rochester, New York
An annulment voids and invalidates a marriage, which means, from a legal point of view, the marriage never occurred. The state of New York has specific laws regarding which situation...read more
3 Moves to Avoid Before Declaring Bankruptcy, Rochester, New York
Declaring bankruptcy is a right available to every American, but your actions immediately before filing can have a significant impact on the success of your petition. Even seemi...read more
3 Things to Know About Grandparents' Rights & Family Law, Rochester, New York
With an increase in substance abuse issues, especially prescription drug abuse, some parents are unable to care for their children. In many of these situations, the grandparents want...read more
Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney: 7 Facts to Know Before Filing, Rochester, New York
If you're struggling with debts you can't repay or have fallen behind on your mortgage, bankruptcy may be the only way to get your life back on track. However, misinformation ab...read more
5 Traits to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney, Rochester, New York
Individuals looking for legal help with unmanageable debt want the best bankruptcy attorney they can find. In Rochester, NY, seasoned bankruptcy attorney William J. Sedor, ...read more
3 Reasons a Bankruptcy Attorney Is Important, Rochester, New York
If you're considering declaring bankruptcy, you're likely a bit fearful and have a lot of questions that need answering. Fortunately, a bankruptcy attorney can help. The role a bankr...read more
Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Explains the Do's & Don'ts of Debt, Rochester, New York
Getting into debt can be a slippery slope, and getting out can sometimes feel impossible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with debt and need to find a bankruptcy attorney, look no...read more
5 Key Qualities You Want in a Divorce Lawyer, Rochester, New York
When you're going through a divorce, who you choose as a legal representative can be one of the most important decisions you'll make. However, every city offers different options, wh...read more
3 Key Advantages of Hiring a Family Law Attorney, Rochester, New York
Because they involve some of the most important bonds in people's lives, family law disputes can often be extremely intense. Heightened emotions and hurt feelings often cloud the dec...read more
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