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Personal Injury Attorney Says Falls Are a Major Concern for Construction Site Workers, Colonie, New York
Construction workers put their lives at risk every day by climbing to great heights just to perform their jobs. Falls from great heights pose many risks, and a personal injury attorney often must get involved when an injured worker more
3 Common Springtime Mishaps & How to Avoid Them: Insights From an Albany Personal Injury Attorney, Colonie, New York
The arrival of spring marks a return of warmer temperatures and more time outdoors; however, it's important to stay safe while you enjoy your time in the sunshine, and the personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Dennis more
Fulton, NY Personal Injury Attorneys Businesses
Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C., Attorneys, Personal Injury Law, Personal Injury Attorneys, Albany, New York
18 Computer Drive West, Suite 109
Albany, NY 12205
(845) 566-4400
Located in Albany, New York, the Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C. boasts a leading practice centered on workers’ compensation and social security disability law. Their attorneys can personally speak to the hardships surrounding workplac...
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Proper Eye Protection on the Job is Critical—An Albany Workers’ Compensation Attorney Explains, Colonie, New York
Large numbers of workplace personnel do not use the right methods to protect their vision. The Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C., in Albany, NY, is a firm that focuses on workers’ more
Legal Advice for Retail Workers Who Risk Slip & Fall Injuries , Colonie, New York
The bustling holiday shopping season is long over, but many Americans are still busy shopping at retail centers and grocery stores, keeping retail employees busy stocking shelves, more
Legal Advice for Preventing Workplace Injuries in a Hospital Setting, Colonie, New York
Winters in Albany, NY, mean plenty of snow and icy roads that often increase the number of slips, trips, falls, and other accidents. While some people end up in the emergency room more
Insights From a Personal Injury Attorney: The Importance of Addressing the Safety Needs of an Aging Workforce, Colonie, New York
In the years following the Second World War, the United States saw a sharp rise in both economic and societal growth, including a spike in birth rates. These babies ushered in the more
The Effects of Social Media in a Workers Compensation Case, Colonie, New York
According to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration, an estimated three million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses occurred in 2014. more
Workers' Compensation Attorney Discusses Indications of Repetitive Stress Injury, Colonie, New York
The Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C., a workers' compensation attorney practice in the Albany, NY, area, is dedicated to helping clients in the community with their personal more
When It Comes to the Hazards of Temp Work, You Need Quality Legal Advice From the Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, Colonie, New York
While securing fulfilling full-time employment becomes increasingly difficult, many people seek out temporary opportunities to make ends meet until more gainful jobs are available. more
How to Keep Offices Safe This Winter, Colonie, New York
The winter season can be an exciting time full of joyful holidays and winter sports, but with it also comes winter-related injuries. The Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C., a more
What Are Compassionate Allowances? Albany's Premier Social Security Disability Experts Explain, Colonie, New York
If you've suffered a serious injury or developed a condition that makes it impossible to work, you may be eligible for an expedited determination of your Social Security Disability more
What Types Of Workers' Comp Benefits Are Available To New York Workers?, Colonie, New York
Whether you've developed a medical condition as a result of performing your job duties or were involved in an accident, New York state law provides several types of benefits to more
Suffering From a Work-Related Back Injury? Turn to Workers' Comp Attorney Dennis Kenny, Colonie, New York
When left untreated or if it's especially severe, back injuries can be incredibly painful, life-altering events, leading to missed work, mounting medical bills, and even permanent more
New York State Adopts Updated Workers' Compensation Guidelines, Colonie, New York
As of January 1, 2012, the New York State Workers' Compensation Board has updates to the State Guidelines for Determining Permanent Impairment and Loss of Wage Earning Capacity. more
Construction Accidents in NYC Are on The Rise: Know Your Workers Compensation Rights, Colonie, New York
Even the safest and most conscientious employees can fall prey to construction accidents, so it's important for employees and employers alike to understand their rights. The& more
Are Mental Illnesses Covered By Workers' Comp?, Colonie, New York
Not all work-related injuries are physical or the direct result of a single traumatic occasion. In fact, mental illnesses, like debilitating anxiety caused by conditions in your more
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