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4 FAQ About Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Jewett City, Connecticut
Real estate can be a sound investment, but being a landlord is not always an easy process. Interactions with tenants can pose a variety of issues, and property owners may find themselves facing a complicated legal more
3 Common Mistakes Landlords Should Avoid, Jewett City, Connecticut
As a landlord, you’ve invested an enormous amount of time and money in your piece of real estate, so you want to make sure it's treated well. But to keep your business flowing, you’ll also want to treat your tenants well too. Below more
Jewett City, CT Property & Real Estate Law Businesses
Stuart R. Norman Jr. , Elder Law, Personal Injury Law, Property & Real Estate Law, Griswold, Connecticut
19 Slater Ave
Griswold, CT 06351
(860) 376-0069
When you're closing a real estate deal worth enormous sums of money, writing your will, or suffering from auto accident injuries, you need a skilled attorney to protect your interests and stand up for your rights. For over 40 years, Jewe...
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Griswold Law Firm Explains the Duties of an Elder Law Attorney, Jewett City, Connecticut
Elder law is designed to uphold and protect the rights and wishes of senior citizens. This helps them secure benefits, executes their final wishes, and ensures they’re treated more
3 Tips for Including Digital Assets in Your Estate Planning Documents, Jewett City, Connecticut
A digital asset is a term that encompasses any type of information or data existing online that you have exclusive use and access to. Examples include your email, social media more
4 Common Types of Trusts, Jewett City, Connecticut
A trust is an estate planning arrangement in which an individual (the trustee) grants another party (the trustor) the right to manage specific assets for the benefit of the trustee' more
What Landlords Need to Know About Terminating a Lease, Jewett City, Connecticut
A lease or rental agreement is a contract in which a tenant agrees to pay rent monthly for a specified time period, and in exchange, the landlord agrees to provide the space more
3 Common Scams That Require the Help of an Elder Law Attorney, Jewett City, Connecticut
Elderly individuals deserve respect, compassion, and care. Unfortunately, there are some individuals out there who prey on these members of society, taking advantage of issues like more
What to Know About Tenant Safety & Landlord Liability , Jewett City, Connecticut
When you enter into a tenant lease agreement, it’s important to realize you have a right to expect your landlord to provide a certain level of safety and security. This means you more
A Guide to Contingencies in Home Purchase Contracts, Jewett City, Connecticut
Contingencies are a useful tool that can protect your best interests when purchasing real estate. However, because they can be complex, it’s worth talking to an attorney more
A Brief Guide to Tenants' Rights in Connecticut, Jewett City, Connecticut
Landlords may own the property they rent out, but they also have legal obligations toward their tenants. While laws vary from state to state, and even from one city to the next, more
3 Questions to Ask an Estate Planning Lawyer, Jewett City, Connecticut
Estate planning is often portrayed as a simple process. You create simple documents that will be used after you pass away to distribute your property. While this may seem easy, more
3 Times Landlords Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney, Jewett City, Connecticut
Being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibility, but it has the potential to become a rewarding and lucrative experience. One of the keys to setting yourself up for success is more
3 Important Steps to Preparing a Will, Jewett City, Connecticut
Preparing a will is the first and most important step in estate planning, allowing you to decide how your property should be distributed after you’re gone. While these documents may more
How Zoning Laws Affect Home-Based Businesses, Jewett City, Connecticut
Nearly half of all entrepreneurs, from construction contractors to tech startups, operate their businesses out of their homes. Whether you’re a sole proprietor who doesn’t need a more
What Happens if You Die Without a Will?, Jewett City, Connecticut
As challenging as estate planning may seem, it’s something you must do if you want to make sure your loved ones are properly cared for after you pass away. Although every estate more
Writing a Will? How to Mitigate Potential Disputes Between Beneficiaries, Jewett City, Connecticut
Disputes are fairly common during the probate process. Grief can bring out the worst in people, and beneficiaries often take to fighting over assets or belongings when they don’ more
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