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Estate Planning Basics, Dalton, Georgia
When people think about estate planning, they often picture elderly, wealthy people. However, wills and probate lawyers know young singles, married couples, and individuals with children or adults who depend on them all need effective es...read more
3 Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney, Dalton, Georgia
Older adults face legal issues that require the skill and expertise of an elder law attorney. A legal professional who focuses on elder law understands the unique needs of seniors and the special legal concerns that affect them. Bel...read more
Whitfield, GA Wills & Probate Law Businesses
The Minor Firm, Business Law, Property & Real Estate Law, Wills & Probate Law, Dalton, Georgia
745 College Drive Suite B
Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 259-2586
The Minor Firm serves businesses and private clients in Northwest GA and Southeast Tennessee with a variety of legal services. The company is headquartered in Dalton, Georgia but offers remote services if you’re located elsewhere in the ...
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Understanding Estate Planning: What Do Will & Probate Lawyers Do?, Dalton, Georgia
Wills and probate lawyers provide legal counsel on matters that pertain to estate planning. They assist with everything from drafting wills and creating trusts to settling probate di...read more
When Should I Review My Estate Planning Documents?, Dalton, Georgia
If you want to ensure your loved ones will be taken care of after you pass, you can start by drafting a will with the help of an estate planning attorney. Since your lifestyle, famil...read more
Georgia Attorney Shares 3 Reasons to Start Estate Planning Now, Dalton, Georgia
Estate planning is one of the best ways to ensure your last wishes are upheld and your family is cared for after you pass. However, it’s a common misperception that this process ...read more
3 Scenarios Where a Civil Litigation Attorney Is Essential, Dalton, Georgia
Civil courts come with different rules and requirements than more formal criminal and courtroom cases. Though they’re often considered a platform for minor disputes, the seriousness ...read more
3 Key Estate Planning Tips to Use When Creating Your End-of-Life Documents, Dalton, Georgia
At The Minor Firm, we assist residents of Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee with their estate planning needs. In creating a Last Will and Testament or a family trust, there a...read more
3 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid, Dalton, Georgia
The process of estate planning can generally be defined as the creation of a written plan that clearly explains how the transfer of assets and property will occur after a person’s de...read more
What to Know About Elder Law & Caring for Aging Parents, Dalton, Georgia
As parents age, it’s both an honor and a challenge to be there for them when needed. By preparing properly, you can work together to ensure their living arrangements, medical coverag...read more
3 Situations That Call for an Employment Lawyer, Dalton, Georgia
Even employers who act with the best of intentions may inadvertently find themselves in violation of employment law, potentially resulting in fines and perhaps even lawsuits. To help...read more
What Can a Business Lawyer Do for You? , Dalton, Georgia
Whether you are starting your first business or have already achieved entrepreneurial success, a business lawyer can aid with a variety of your needs. The firm of The Minor...read more
How Employment Lawyers Prevent Business Problems, Dalton, Georgia
For a small business owner, all it takes is one legal dispute with an employee to drain your finances and threaten everything you've worked so hard to build. This is why it...read more
Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney, Dalton, Georgia
Many people mistakenly believe that an estate planning attorney can handle all the legal issues that come with aging, but only elder law attorneys understand all the nuances that aff...read more
Dalton Business Law Attorneys Can Help Your Nonprofit Succeed, Dalton, Georgia
Starting and managing any business enterprise is a complex business, but even the most basic processes can be more complicated for nonprofits, which must adhere to additional standar...read more
Make Your Investing Dreams a Reality With a Real Estate Attorney From Minor, Bell & Neal, Dalton, Georgia
Investing in real estate can be a sound way to put your hard-earned money to work for you, but securing the right legal counsel is crucial to come out on top of the market. Minor, Be...read more
Protect Your Rights With Help From Whitfield County’s Experienced Litigation Attorneys, Dalton, Georgia
The team at Minor Bell & Neal law firm in Dalton, GA, has committed their practice to helping others in a wide range of litigation cases. Visiting with a litigation attorney...read more
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