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The Dos & Don’ts of Packing for Charter Service, Bolton, Connecticut
If you’re going on a trip and charter service is your planned method of transportation, there are a few things you should know about packing. To ensure the safety of all passengers, charter bus companies prohibit passengers from bringing...read more
3 Reasons to Rent a Charter Bus for Your Family Reunion, Bolton, Connecticut
If you are planning a family reunion, it’s often up to individuals to determine how they will get to the event location. Choosing to hire a charter bus for group transportation will benefit all family members in the long-run. Here are a ...read more
Bolton, CT Bus Charters Businesses
Constitution Coach Inc. , Tours, Bus Charters & Transportation, Bus Charters, Bolton, Connecticut
260 West St
Bolton, CT 06043
Constitution Coach Inc., based in Hartford, CT, has been offering the best charter service around for over 30 years. If you’re in need of a safe, reliable charter bus that can pick your party up in Connecticut, New York, or Massachusetts...
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3 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on a Charter Bus, Bolton, Connecticut
From real-world experiences to learning through sight, sound, and touch, field trips get children out of their classrooms and create invaluable memories. However, in addition to educ...read more
5 Class Trip Ideas Students Will Love, Bolton, Connecticut
Finding ideas for school trips that are both educational and fun can be tricky. However, if you’re located near New York City, there are endless possibilities for trips—as long ...read more
3 Tips for Staying Cool on a Charter Bus This Summer, Bolton, Connecticut
The summer is the perfect season for planning a getaway, and there’s no better way to travel than by charter bus. Charters are convenient options for getting to and from events and d...read more
3 Ideas for Your Next Group Trip, Bolton, Connecticut
Planning a trip where everyone, young and old, can have a good time can be a daunting task. With having to plan snacks, coordinate dates, and schedule the charter bus, picking t...read more
3 Ways Nursing Homes Benefit From Renting a Charter Bus, Bolton, Connecticut
Charter bus rentals provide additional value for nursing homes. Not only do charter services enrich the lives of the residents living there, but they also help separate your senior l...read more
4 Summer Camp Day Trip Ideas, Bolton, Connecticut
It can be difficult to find ways for kids to be constantly active and entertained at your summer camp. To break out of the routine, hop on a charter bus and take a trip somewhere new...read more
What to Consider When Planning a Group Trip on a Charter Bus, Bolton, Connecticut
If you’re planning a family reunion or weekend trip with friends, renting a charter bus for the occasion is often a wise choice. Traveling together will give everyone more time to bu...read more
3 Benefits of School Trips, Bolton, Connecticut
Many students enjoy school trips and eagerly look forward to going new places. Aside from taking a break from the classroom, visits to educational institutions offer exciti...read more
A Brief Guide to School Trips in Connecticut, Bolton, Connecticut
The Connecticut area provides educators with a diverse range of engaging, informative, and fun school trips for students. From science museums to historical sites, the state has...read more
The Do's & Don'ts of Charter Bus Etiquette, Bolton, Connecticut
Compared to using multiple cars or small vans, traveling on a charter bus has countless benefits, from bigger windows to increased comfort. However, to truly enjoy these advantages, ...read more
3 Games to Entertain Your Guests on a Charter Bus, Bolton, Connecticut
Whether you’re traveling with guests to your wedding or taking your employees to a baseball game, booking a charter service will ensure that everyone arrives at the destination safel...read more
4 Fun School Trip Ideas for Spring, Bolton, Connecticut
Spring is a common time of year for educators to schedule class field trips. Not only do these excursions provide kids with opportunities to have new and different experiences, ...read more
3 Tips for Choosing a Charter Bus Company, Bolton, Connecticut
Traveling has its ups and downs, but a good portion of those pitfalls can be attributed to the mode of transportation you take. Choosing a charter bus service has many benefits, but ...read more
3 Tips for Sleeping on an Overnight Bus Trip, Bolton, Connecticut
Whether you’re taking a charter bus to another city or across the country, you may find yourself having to sleep while you’re on the way. While it might not be your ideal c...read more
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