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3 Essential Training Tips for a Puppy, Conway East, South Carolina
Becoming a puppy owner for the first time is an incredible experience. You have a beautiful fur baby who is entirely dependent on you for care, sustenance, and comfort. It’s up to you to train your new pet, too, so that they will be more
5 Dog Bathing Tips for an Anxious Pup, Conway East, South Carolina
Dog bathing is an important step when caring for your furry companions. Some dogs, however, may be nervous about the idea of getting into the sudsy water. Below are a few tips for soothing an anxious pet in the bath. How to Soothe an more
Myrtle Beach, SC Pet Day Care Businesses
K9 Cabana Dog Resort & Training Center, Pet Day Care, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Dog Training, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
3949 Dick Pond Rd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
(854) 854-5959
When you’re away from home and need help giving your dog all of the love and attention they deserve, turn to K9 Cabana Dog Resort & Training Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. This 7,500-square-foot dog boarding facility offers your pet ple...
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Board Your Dog for Free!, Conway East, South Carolina
Did You Hear Our Exciting News?!, Conway East, South Carolina
EXCITING NEWS! We are so excited for what’s ahead at K9 Cabana and we wanted to share a few things with our Facebook family.  Please be sure to read this entire post so you more
At What Age Should I Start Training My Puppy?, Conway East, South Carolina
When it comes to dog training, timing and consistency matter. Given this fact, many people wonder if a puppy can be too young to train and at what age they should begin the process. more
3 Reasons Dogs Love Doggie Daycare, Conway East, South Carolina
An excellent way to show how much you love your dog is to use a dog daycare when you’re away from home. Doggie daycare keeps your pet from getting lonely or anxious while you’ more
How to Reduce Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety, Conway East, South Carolina
If your dog is destructive while you’re away or nervous when you dropped them off at a dog boarding facility, they might have separation anxiety. Vets estimate that 20 to 40% more
3 Signs That Your Pet Needs Dog Training, Conway East, South Carolina
A dog can bring a lot of joy to your life, and they’re reliable, loving companions. However, an untrained dog can cause chaos and irritate friends and neighbors. Training a dog is a more
3 Tips to Calm Your Pup if They Hate Baths, Conway East, South Carolina
Dog bathing can become a challenge if your pup hates getting wet. This doesn’t mean you should skip their grooming since bathing is critical to their health. Washing away dead more
What Happens When My Pet Is at the Dog Groomer?, Conway East, South Carolina
If you have a canine companion in your life, you likely want them to feel comfortable all the time. Therefore, if you’ve yet to take them to the dog groomer, you might be curious more
A Pet Owner’s Guide to Dog Boarding, Conway East, South Carolina
Whether you’re going away on vacation or traveling for business, every pet owner needs a reliable place to house their companion in their absence. Dog boarding is a popular more
How Can I Train My Dog to Be Left Alone?, Conway East, South Carolina
Getting a first dog is exciting. You’ve entered into a long and rewarding friendship that will include many adventures. Can your new pal be safely and happily be left alone? more
How to Choose the Best Dog Daycare for Your Pup, Conway East, South Carolina
When you first bring your new puppy home, you want to spend every minute with them. But, with responsibilities like work, you can’t leave them at home alone. One excellent more
The Importance of Trimming Your Dog’s Nails, Conway East, South Carolina
Most pet owners know that dog grooming is a necessity, but the health benefits of nail trimming are still a mystery to many. Dogs tend to squirm and fuss during nail clippings, more
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