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How Do Appraisal Professionals Estimate What a Piece of Art Is Worth?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Most pieces of art are unique, and there is typically a limited supply available on the market at any given point in time. But, aside from the effects of supply and demand, various components can affect the piece’s value. Appraisal more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Caring for Your Antique Jewelry, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you inherited your great-grandmother’s collection of antique jewelry or your engagement ring has been passed down for generations, knowing how to properly care for these items is crucial. Treating antiques like modern more
Honolulu, HI Real Estate Appraisal Businesses
Lipton Inc, Real Estate Appraisal, Jewelry Appraisal, Property Appraiser, Honolulu, Hawaii
1108 Fort St Mall, Room 16
Honolulu, HI 96813
When you need expert appraisals in Honolulu, HI, Lipton is the best resource for finding out how much your antiques and collectibles are worth. Since 1931, this company has built a reputation for delivering honest, informed valuatio...
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What's the Difference Between Real Estate Appraisals & Assessments?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Real estate is the most valuable asset most people possess, but how do you determine what it’s worth? Figuring out the value of a property isn’t always straightforward, with more
Clearing Up 3 Common Points of Confusion About Property Appraisals, Honolulu, Hawaii
“Property appraisal” is a term most homeowners are familiar with, but beyond that recognition, knowledge about the process tends to be somewhat murky. The more you know about this more
What to Expect During Your Real Estate Appraisal, Honolulu, Hawaii
Appraisals are a common process in the real estate industry, and they're designed to determine the value of a property. Both buyers and sellers utilize the assessment service to more
What Does a Property Appraisal Entail?  , Honolulu, Hawaii
A property appraisal provides a firsthand, unbiased assessment of a building’s quality, condition, and overall value. After conducting a thorough inspection, the appraiser will more
What You Need to Know About Art Appraisals, Honolulu, Hawaii
While appreciating art for its aesthetic appeal is important, responsible collectors also need a thorough understanding of its monetary value. If you’re unsure how much your work is more
5 Reasons You Need a Personal Property Appraisal, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you have a collection of art, furniture, jewelry, antiques, or collectibles, there are many reasons you might need to have your valuables appraised. Personal more
What You Need to Consider About Estate Appraisals, Honolulu, Hawaii
Handling a family member's passing is never easy, especially when legal issues are involved, such as estate appraisals. As the experts at Lipton explain, these are sometimes more
3 Times When Estate Appraisal Is Necessary, Honolulu, Hawaii
There are certain times in life when it’s crucial to get all your finances in order. With a professional appraisal from a top company, you can value your estate at the time you need more
What Is Estate Counseling? , Honolulu, Hawaii
Without years of experience in the field, it’s extremely difficult to make well-informed, advantageous real estate decisions. Meanwhile, those who have extensive backgrounds in more
When Is the Best Time for a Jewelry Appraisal, Honolulu, Hawaii
Jewelry has sentimental and material value, and a jewelry appraisal is a responsible way to protect your valuable gems and heirlooms. Whether you’re seeking an appraisal for more
A Brief Guide to Understanding Art Appraisals , Honolulu, Hawaii
Art appraisals are legal documents that let people and insurance companies know the value of artwork. Whether you found a gem in the back of your grandma’s closet or more
What You Need to Know About Expert Appraisals, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you require an expert appraisal on your home, a piece of artwork, antique, or something else, you naturally want to ensure you are working with the most experienced, more
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