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The Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Laughter, and Storytelling, Stillwater, Minnesota
The Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Laughter, and Storytelling My wife, Sharon, and I were talking the other night about spiritual gifts. Not necessarily the kind of spiritual gifts that some people think of i.e. tongues, prophecy, more
Repulsed in Depravity, Stillwater, Minnesota
Repulsed in Depravity I have been looking at Genesis 15-19. God appears to Abraham in verse 18 along with two angels and promises Abraham that he would be the father of many nations and that “all the nations would be blessed through more
Stillwater, MN Religious Books Businesses
Father Football, Book Publishers, Religious Books, Books, Stillwater, Minnesota
What some people are saying about this book: “There is more to this book than a godly man sharing events that have shaped his life and his faith. The freedom found in trusting in Christ’s atonement permeates the pages. Father, Football ...
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Living Above the Law, Stillwater, Minnesota
Living Above the Law We all have a knowledge of good and bad. We don’t have to go to a special school. It is evident when even young children make the claim to a playmate, “that’s more
Even Better Than A Cabin, Stillwater, Minnesota
Even Better Than A Cabin I love thinking about one day having a cabin. Maybe use some of my dad’s oak boards for flooring. The cabin would be rustic. I imagine the oak floors being more
Does God Change His Mind?, Stillwater, Minnesota
Does God Change His Mind? God can do anything He pleases. He can create man knowing full well that mankind would sin. God can also grieve the sin of those He loves and created … more
Offer and Acceptance In Christ, Stillwater, Minnesota
Offer and Acceptance In Christ Full disclosure, I am not an attorney. My schooling in law is straight from hard knocks university and a Business Law course in college. So I don’t more
Full Harvest, Stillwater, Minnesota
Full Harvest In the Midwest, we have had an ideal growing season. Our front lawn is normally brown and stressed this time of year. But it is lush right now. No doubt farmers are more
We Need A Bigger Boat, Stillwater, Minnesota
We Need A Bigger Boat Most people have seen the movie Jaws. I remember being shocked at the size of that fish when I finally got to see it. No question, they needed a bigger boat! more
Guaranteed Victory, Stillwater, Minnesota
Guaranteed Victory If you’ve ever tried sports, you know that confidence is really important. It’s the same in performing music, making speeches, building a table, taking tests, more
Are You Ready for Some FATHER Football!, Stillwater, Minnesota
Are You Ready for Some FATHER Football! Just a little reminder guys, I wrote a book. Maybe you should get ready for football season by taking a look at it. Truth be told, I think more
Blessed in the Heavenlies, Stillwater, Minnesota
Blessed in the Heavenlies How do you comfort someone who has experienced a great loss? I’m always relieved when someone has a bike stolen or maybe something even worse like a house more
EXPECT TO BE SURPRISED, Stillwater, Minnesota
Expect to be Surprised At least one night every winter, Sharon and I cuddle-up on the couch and watch the movie Dan in Real Life. This is not a G rated movie and contains parts more
THE PROMISES OF ROMANS 8, Stillwater, Minnesota
The Promises of Romans 8 I once heard John Piper quote all of Romans 8 plus some from memory. Not only was I hearing the Word of God powerfully spoken, but what he said more
Achieving Scale in Christ, Stillwater, Minnesota
Achieving Scale in Christ In the business of investment banking, the first question is always, “Is it scalable?” Is this a business you could franchise nationally, globally, etc? more
A Glimpse of Glory, Stillwater, Minnesota
A Glimpse of Glory When I was in courtship with my wife, Sharon, I remember having difficulty remembering what she looked like when we were apart. I wanted to recall her face so more
The High Priestly Prayer, Stillwater, Minnesota
The High Priestly Prayer Jesus had loved, rebuked, and taught His inner circle. Now it was time to move on to the next stage. But the most difficult part still lay in front of Him. more
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