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Why You Need to Learn How to Throw a Punch, Honolulu, Hawaii
Knowing how to throw a proper punch at the proper time can equip you with the confidence and skill set to defend yourself. Don’t think that your gender, size, or strength will determine the success of this boxing technique. Mas...read more
5 Tips to Protect Your Hands for Boxing Training, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’ve ever thrown a punch bare-knuckled, you’re likely familiar with the sharp pain and potential injuries that follow. That’s why every boxer needs to protect their hands. Follow these steps to avoid hurting yourself during boxing t...read more
Downtown Honolulu, HI Event Planning & Promotion Businesses
TM Productions, Event Planning & Promotion, Athletic Organizations, Boxing, Honolulu, Hawaii
2280 Alahao Pl
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 291-7817
You’ve spent years honing your skill in the boxing ring, and now it’s time to put your talent up against the competition. Or maybe you’re a boxing promoter looking for fighters to compete in an upcoming tournament. Turn to Honolulu-based...
Mekbull, Event Planning & Promotion, Party Supplies, Party Rentals, Waianae, Hawaii
(808) 358-3442
Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or corporate event, mechanical bull rides are the perfect entertainment for every function. For those hosting parties on the Island of Oahu, Mekbull is the premier mechanical bull rental company. ...
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3 Tips for Improving Your Boxing Reflexes, Honolulu, Hawaii
When you’re throwing punches in the ring, every hour of training, learning moves, and working on your technique will be put to the test. However, if you haven’t been working on the s...read more
How to Work On Your Boxing Balance, Honolulu, Hawaii
Boxing requires a variety of fundamental skills, including hand-eye coordination, strength, and agility. Balance and stability are also crucial for improving punching power, def...read more
How to Improve Recovery for Boxing Training, Honolulu, Hawaii
When learning to become a boxer, muscle recovery is an essential part of your workout routine. Boxing training engages all parts of the body, so you need to know ...read more
5 Tips for Taking Punches, Honolulu, Hawaii
When you get into the boxing ring, knowing how to take a punch is a critical step in developing your skills as a fighter. Just like with any other technique, taking a punch properly ...read more
5 Ways to Build Stamina for Boxing, Honolulu, Hawaii
Boxing is a fast-paced sport that requires significant stamina from participants to last through the rounds of a match. Building up your endurance takes time, but here are some exerc...read more
3 Reasons Why You're Not Too Old for Boxing, Honolulu, Hawaii
It takes a lot of practice and effort to become an effective boxer, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. Boxing is a sport you can enjoy at any age and provides plenty of be...read more
What Mistakes Should Beginner Boxers Avoid?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Boxing is a complex sport that takes many years to master. If you’re a beginner, it’s normal to make mistakes before you become more proficient in your technique. However, you can po...read more
5 Helpful Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Getting Hit, Honolulu, Hawaii
Boxing is an exciting sport that takes a significant amount of skill and constant training. For many beginners, the most challenging part of starting is learning how to take a h...read more
How to Avoid Injury During Boxing Training, Honolulu, Hawaii
You’re most at risk of sustaining a boxing injury when you’re new to the sport. If you’re just starting out, use the following tips to take preventative measures and train ...read more
3 Tips for a Successful Boxing Diet Timeline, Honolulu, Hawaii
For boxers, meal schedules are just as crucial as a proper menu. As in other combat sports, boxing athletes have a specific diet plan. Their meals must supply them with nutrients tha...read more
A Guide to Boxing Fouls, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re interested in boxing, you need to understand the rules. Fouls are designed to help ensure a fair and safe fight for both sides. Without a clear grasp on these moves, you co...read more
3 Food Groups to Enhance Your Boxing Training, Honolulu, Hawaii
Maintaining a healthy diet while training for boxing can be a challenge when you have to consume enough energy-producing calories without overeating. To help you, here...read more
How to Throw a Knockout Punch, Honolulu, Hawaii
Though many boxing matches end with both participants still conscious, the knockout punch in is seen as the climax of a fight in popular culture. If you’re hoping to increa...read more
3 Ways for Boxers to Avoid a Knockout Blow, Honolulu, Hawaii
Every boxer knows that when they step into that ring, it’s going to be a battle. The fight can turn in an instant, and one fighter who was seemingly dominant can find themselves knoc...read more
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