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Golf Myths: A Big Company's Adjustable Hosel Driver Is Already Custom Fit, Denville, New Jersey
Many golfers believe they've already purchased the equivalent of a custom golf club by going with a major company’s adjustable hosel driver. While it’s true you can do some fine-tuning, it’s just not the same as a more
How Much Can Custom Fit Golf Clubs Improve Your Game?, Denville, New Jersey
If you only play golf occasionally—or your score just looks that way—you probably think you have no need for custom fit clubs. In actuality, you’re part of the demographic that benefits from them the most. At Tim Mosel’s Custom more
Rockaway, NJ Golf Equipment Repair Businesses
Tim Mosel's Custom Golf and Repair, Golf Equipment Repair, Golf Equipment & Apparel, Denville, New Jersey
5 E Main St
Denville, NJ 07834
The quality of your game can only be as good as your equipment—this is especially true in the game of golf, where having professional-quality golf clubs can make all the difference. From the shop in Denville, NJ, Tim Mosel's Cu...
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Golf Myth Debunked: Why a Lower Loft Doesn't Always Mean a Farther Shot, Denville, New Jersey
Tim of Tim Mosel’s Custom Golf and Repair in Denville, NJ, has heard plenty of golf myths over the years. One of the most common myths is the idea that the more
Why You'll Never Get a True Custom Golf Club Fitting at Your Big Sporting Goods Store, Denville, New Jersey
One of the most common misconceptions about custom golf clubs is actually perpetrated by big golf stores, pro shops, and even some online vendors that sell mass-produced equipment more
Women's Clubs Are Designed for Women Only: Forget This Golf Club Myth, Denville, New Jersey
Whether you’re a male or female golfer, you’ve probably seen women’s golf clubs stocked in your favorite sporting goods store. Common sense would tell you these clubs are designed more
Busting the Myth: Are Your Golf Clubs Just Like the Ones the Pros Use?, Denville, New Jersey
A lot of golf club manufacturers sponsor professional golfers because of the advantages that come with associating their clubs with some of the top athletes in the sport. Their more
Golf Myth Debunked: Longer Drivers Do Not Mean Greater Distance, Denville, New Jersey
A common misconception in the golf industry is that the longer your driver, the farther you’ll hit the ball. With more than 20 years in business, the professionals at Tim Mosel’s more
Does a Fast Swing Require a Stiff Golf Club Shaft?, Denville, New Jersey
While a custom golf club can do wonders for your game, there are many myths surrounding proper golf club design that could cause some golfers to use equipment that doesn’t maximize more
Avoid the S-Flex Golf Club Myth With Custom-Built Clubs, Denville, New Jersey
When you’re in the market for new golf clubs, it’s important to separate myth from reality. For over 20 years, Tim Mosel's Custom Golf and Repair has provided residents of the more
Does Your New Golf Driver Really Have a Larger Sweet Spot?, Denville, New Jersey
Part of hitting the sweet spot in your swing is finding the equipment that works best for you. To navigate the complex world of golf clubs, it’s often helpful to have the more
Are Big, Brand-Name Golf Clubs Really the Best?, Denville, New Jersey
Like manufacturers in every other industry, the most well-known golf club brands spend millions of dollars to ensure heightened visibility, paying championship golfers to use their more
Does a Modern Golf Club Make the Ball Go Farther?, Denville, New Jersey
There is a common myth in the golfing world that modern golf clubs will make the balls you hit go farther. The golf club professionals at Tim Mosel's Custom Golf and Repair are more
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