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What to Expect From Your First Golf Lesson, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Signing up for golf lessons is an excellent way to learn the finer aspects of the sport, from rules to form. But if you’ve never played before, let alone held a club, then you might be uncertain about what to expect from the first more
Top 4 Pieces of Golf Course Etiquette You Should Follow, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Whether you’ve had golf lessons or are anticipating your first time on the golf course, being courteous and following the unspoken rules of the game is a must. Etiquette limits disputes, keeps people moving, and promotes more
Fort Thomas, KY Golf Instruction Businesses
A.J. Jolly Golf Course, Golf Instruction, Golf Equipment & Apparel, Golf Courses, Alexandria, Kentucky
11541 Alexandria Pike
Alexandria, KY 41001
(859) 635-2106
Are ready to feel the cool breeze of air flowing through your hair as you finish your tee-off shot on your way through 6,235 yards of gorgeous fairways, perfectly manicured tee boxes, and challenging greens? If so, bring your putter and ...
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3 Tricks to Improve Your Golf Swing, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Learning to play golf can keep you in shape and strengthen mental alertness, which comes in handy off the course. Similar to any sport, mastering the basics is the more
3 Ways Kids Benefit From Golf Lessons, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Many people think of golf as a game exclusively for adults. While that may have been true decades ago, it’s no longer the case today. More and more kids are starting to play this more
How to Prevent Back Pain While Golfing, Grants Lick, Kentucky
While golfing is often treated as a leisure activity, it can also be physically demanding. Your golf swing uses muscles in your arms, legs, and back — if you aren't careful, it' more
How Golf Benefits Your Health and Wellness, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Playing a sport is an excellent way to stay in shape and get the exercise essential for good physical and mental health. Golf, in particular, is a game that can be played your whole more
How to Read the Green During Golf, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Putting is one of the most essential parts of any golf game. Whether you’re an amateur who’s just running through your first course, or a pro competing at higher levels, your more
3 Reasons to Golf for a Corporate Outing, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Not all business needs to happen in the office. Getting out and going on excursions with clients and staff can prove beneficial in many ways. Below, you’ll learn why you should add& more
5 Types of Golf Shoes to Consider, Grants Lick, Kentucky
If you’re going to spend the day golfing, you’ll be standing and walking through damp grass, sand, and mud — so you need the right shoes to stand up to the environment. Golf shoes more
4 Golf Clubs Every Beginner Should Have, Grants Lick, Kentucky
If you’re picking up golf as a new hobby, it’s wise to invest in quality equipment. Some of the most important items a golfer needs are their clubs, which make a big impact on your more
Here's How to Stop Hooking Your Golf Ball, Grants Lick, Kentucky
In golf, hooking refers to when the ball curves from the right to the left after being hit. If you’re a recreational golfer and constantly find yourself hooking the ball, this more
3 Golf Etiquette Tips, Grants Lick, Kentucky
Golf is an enjoyable, relaxing game played by more than 24 million Americans each year. To make sure each player gets the most out of the experience, every golfer should more
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